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Greetings oh silver star
travel fast and travel far
Touch my window and my heart below
just keep your pace and never slow
Come up to my terrace
and make all the world like Paris

Wandering through the darkness
giving life and love through your kiss
Life,love, and reason flow from your solar tail
Come to me as I compel 
Journey by star and planet, by moon and solar flare
just bring along your loving care
Silver star you are my world
But you lay dormant and coiled
But one day you will awaken
and all love will be foresaken
Silver star you are light and you are vision
Enter my heart as I cut you an incision
As I dream of you I watch a clock
As the hands sway I hear tick tock
As I call out your name
each time is never the same
I call out to you with the most dedicated of hearts
But you keep me away with many ramparts
You are a soul but yet one in conflict 
I am a soul too and one that you have not picked
Oh radiating ball of fury
My thoughts are simple and not burly
But to me you do not travel
You are a mystery I cannot unravel
Will I only see you when I am dead
then will you lay in my bed

Laying a flower on my grave
and making me your traveling slave
Silver star what are you
Are you fiction or are you true
Silver star is your energy in any man or woman
is it in a daugher or a rising sun
silver star maybe you do not give your kiss
Maybe you are the beauty of near miss and its bliss
If you are a kiss may I be your kisser 
or to you am I not even a hisser
If you are woman come to me like thunder
tear at my heart and tear it asunder


The man looked up to the ember of day
content to listen to all the world has to say
The man listens to his own reason
while knowing it is natures finest seasion
To him nature is now a thing of thought
for nature teaches as no men have taught
The mans world was his school
and the man was nature's tool
He was a discoverer of truth and beauty
as this beauty is clear for all to see
If a man will just open his eyes
and look into the clouds of the skies
The clouds circle each other

As a child circles his mother
through the mans words there came a seed
from this seed the man's wisdom does feed
And as the man reads
he grows and spreads these seeds
and places the seeds of beauty in the inanimate and in the animated

and then the seeds become a thing of the enchanted
with a heart of fear
the man knows to hold everything dear
The man becomes the rainbow
His thoughts act as a bakers dough
They act as the dough of life
that cuts through the night like a knife
In the man there is rising a flame
and one for life and not just a dame
In him the fire burns and burns
As each day he contemplates and learns
He sees the tree and he sees man
when he sees treasure others see a mere ash can

The man redefines the things of his world
He holds them in his heart like things to be twirled
The man puts meaning in his words
and makes each word as powerful as the mightiest of swords
He puts meaning in nature
for his reason has the power to cure
His heart is not pure but it is real
this heart of his speeds to purity with such zeal
Where does his reason come from
the man is so wise he knows he is dumb
Other men's homes are made of sand or sod
but this man's home is his of god
as the man creates and adorns nature creates for him
the light of his world grows bright and never dim
the leaves of the tree do rustle and kick
and as they do the heartbeat of life does tick
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