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Visitor Collaborators

All true totalitarian forces rely on the relative ease by which some will sell out the hopes and dreams of the culture they belong to for a little power or a little special treatment. In V these betrayers exist as colloaborators that wear Visitor Youth clothing or live in luxury that is bought by the suffering and conquest of those they help undermine.

Collaborators in V are either bought or made. Eleanor Dupress, Mike Donavan's mom serves as one of the series most prominent collaborators. She shoots at her own son, delivers a propaganda speech after the Visitor supreme commander is unmasked, and lives in luxury while the people of her world suffer and die all around her.

Kristine Walsh, a "news reporter" serves as official spokesman for the visitors. She loses her objectivity and spreads the Visitor matra of lies and deceits until she finally realizes just what the Visitor's really want.

Daniel, and the other Visitor Youth members serve as the naive, troublesome youths that are given a little power for the first time in their lives. This power channels itself as an outlet for defiance for society as a whole, and parents, and family in general. The weak youthful failures of the world, struggling to find purpose often fall under the grip of propaganda most easily. Such was true of Hitler Youth members during World War II as well as the Visitor Youth members of V.

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