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V: The Final Battle takes up right where the original V mini series left off. It begins with a resistance raid on a Visitor food processing plant which prepared human beings for long term storage as a future food source. The visitors have incredible security and slaughter much of the resistance force. The visitor's body armor proves inpenetrable for the meager weapons of the resistance, even to rifle and machine gun fire. The visitors merely get knocked back or knocked down when shot. The only effective weapon the resistance has is a single laser pistol in the hands of Mike Donavan. The resistance masterminds a plan to unveil the Visitor Supreme Commander as the reptilian alien he truly is. Their plan does suceed. After the raid, weapons/covert operations specialist Ham Tyler joins them and offers them a new type of ammunition; telfon tipped. With this ammunition the resistance is finally able to effectively fight their war with the visitors by killing them in battle and winning by attrition. Later, Ham Tyler assisted resistance efforts to destroy a visitor water pumping station which was syphoning fresh water from California to the visitor motherships overhead at the rate of a million gallons a second.

A human/alien hybrid born from a human mother Robin, and a Visitor father Brian allows the resistance to create a pathogen which casues an allergic but yet deadly reaction with the visitor immune system. This pathogen was known as "red dust" for its red dust like apperance. With the aid of turncoat visitors known as the fifth column, the resistance is able to lead a daring coordinated attack on visitors stationed on the ground as well as on their control complexes aboard the motherships.

The resistance with the aid of their new red dust weapon and teflon ammunition force the aliens from the earth. It appears an apparent victory, but the visitors will return.

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