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Final Battle Characters


Daniel Bernstein

Daniel, the new Visitor Youth recruit from the first mini series, returns with a much more prominent power role in the Visitor war effort. Daniel is given command of Visitor troopers who are guarding important prisoners including Julie of the resistance when they are located at Visitor Security Headquarters in Los Angeles. Daniel kills Ruby a spy that helps the resistance free their leader Julie. Daniel, himself personally captured Julie earlier which earned him brownie points with the Visitors. At the end of the V saga Daniel is framed by the resistance for the dissapearance of Visitor Youth leader Brian, and is hauled away to be used as food for the Visitors. Really coming into his own in this mini series, Daniel has a doctor lick his boots and uses his power to get pretty girls such as Maggie from the resistance into his bed.


Caleb returns with a smaller role from the original V mini series. He takes part in various armed attacks on the Visitors. During the final asault on the Los Angeles Mothership his gun jams and he reaches for a hose and spreads red dust everywhere. He does this act of bravery after earlier arguing that an attack on the mothership would be a "one way trip to oblivion" because the Visitors would detonate nuclear devices if they lose their war with Earth. Caleb is however proud of his son for his passionate speech about how the resistance has to attack or all is lost.


Elias returns from the original V mini series a little wiser. He uses his drug connections to hook up Visitor Youth member Daniel which helps his crew gain entrance to a hospital for badly needed medical supplies. Along with Mark a cop and fellow member of the resistance, Elias helps locate Dan Pascal the finest forger in Los Angeles needed to counterfeit a Visitor pass. When the resistance is arguing rather to attack the motherships or not after learning each are equipped with a doomsday nuclear device, Elias passionately that "there is no time." To Elias its now or never. Before Elias told Fred the doctor that "we are all that stands between the life you have, and the life you're not going to have." Elias is a fighter in V the Final Battle plain and simple.


Harmony returns from the original V mini series and ultimately encounters the resistance firsthand for the first time. She is captured while sneaking around with Willie looking for a place to makeout at a hospital. Harmony is shown the Visitors are reptilian when Willie's skin is peeled away. But she cares for Willie anyway and during the final assault on the Los Angels Mothership she is there in Visitor garb helping to attack the Visitors. She dies when she jumps in front of a laserblast meant for Willie.

Christine Walsh

Christine, the official spokeswoman for the visitor returns from the Original Mini Series. This time she is far less sure about what the Visitor's are doing. She uses a mothership key to hunt for Mike Donavan's son, Sean but gets caught. This puts her in a bad light with Diana and Steven. Steven wants to interrogate her, but Diana wants her left alone. After the Visitor Supreme commander is unmasked on national television, Christine is asked to go on the air and tell everyone a terrorist hoax had just been shown. She goes up to speak but characterizes the terrorists as resistance, "resistance to the monsters that are trying to take over our plant." She goes on with "They must be stopped, they must be defeated." Diana then borrows a laser pistol and kills Christine.

Sean Donvan

Sean was originally taken prisoner by the Visitors in the first Mini Series. Sean's grandmother Eleanor Dupress gives the Visitor commander Steven a picture of him and he is located and freed. Sean is then used as a bargaining chip to lure Mike Donavan into trading his life for Seans. Sean is converted or brainwashed by Diana before being exchanged. Sean is used as a spy that reports on resistance activites from within. Julie and Ham Tyler discover that he is a spy and change their plans for distributing the red dust which cause the Visitors to send all their troops to airforce based to guard against an attack that is not going to take place. This misinformation sent from Sean helps the resistance succesfully contaminate the Earth with the red dust toxin which kills the Visitors.

Eleanor Dupress, Mike Dovan's Mother

Eleanor continues and expands her relationship with the Visitors more and more. She shoots at her son Mike when he is caught at the house. When the Visitor's supreme commander is unmasked on Television, Eleanor helps mop things up by helping create a propaganda broadcast which claims to be the real one. When human resistance attacks Visitor Security Headquarters in Los Angeles Eleanor runs out screaming that the Visitor commander, Steven is still inside. Steven steps out and shoots Eleanor himself as she had not stalled for time as Steven instructed. Instead she used the situation to her advantage, so Steven killed her. Her time serving the Visitor cause was then at an end.

Arthur Dupress, Mike Donvan's Stepfather

Arthur the stepfather of Mike Donavan, ultimately decides to leave his wife Eleanor, after she says that Mike is no longer her son. To Arthur "this time you have gone too far even for a stomach as strong as mine." As Arthur leaves his wife tells him that after he leaves there will be no return. Arthur thanks god for that, and his life with Eleanor and her Visitor alliances is at an end.

Dr Walker

Dr. Walker is a man that Kristine Walsh respects and remembers meeting many years back. At the Los Angeles Medical center he tells Kristine that "fascists have taken over our planet, and you are their minister of propaganda. Kristine is stunned by his statements. Diana and Steven overhear his speech and send their Visitor commander Brian to round up Dr Walker. Dr Walker is brainwashed via a process called conversion and then totes the Visitor line and idealogy. Kristine is soon reintroduced to him by Diana, and finds his new found friendliness to the Visitors very unnverving.

Ham Tyler

Ham is known as the fixer to Mike Donavan. Mike tells everyone that Ham blows everything up and Mike films him and the people at home hate him for it. Ham also has a nickname for Mike; he calls him gooder which is short for dogooder. Ham helps the Los Angeles resistance escape a surprise attack on their headquarters shortly after he arrives. Ham supplies armor piercing bullets made of teflon and voice reverberators which mimic the Visitor's voices. Ham tries to persuade the resistance to forget about Julie after she is captured, and he tries to rush red dust production even before antidotes can be given to Visitor allies. Ham kills the Visitor Steven via a bag of red dust and organizes an attack on Visitors throughout the country via balloons which deliver red dust.

Chris Farber

Chris is an "associate" of Ham Tyler and arrives along with Ham at the Visitor headquarters. Chris is an expert in explosives and uses his knowledge to construct explosives powerful enough to blow Visitor pumping equipment. Chris uses a crossbow and mini machine gun in his battles with the Visitors. At the end of V the Final Battle on the ground he and Ham attack a Visitor headquarters with red dust while their fate is determined in the battles onboard the motherships above them.

Dan Pascal

Dan Pascal is the finest counterfeiter in Los Angeles. Elias, an ex-hood, and Mark, an ex-cop both agree that he is the best and so they set out to find him. Dan is used to counterfeit Visitor passes for the upcoming event at the Los Angeles medical center. Dan's passes work like a charm and gain the resistance team entrance to an event with the highest Visitor level of security. Dan is ultimately captured and forced to tell the location of the resistance headquarters. After shocktroopers are killed inside via Ham Tyler and explosives, Dan is promptly shot and killed by Visitor commander Brian.

Father Andrew

Father Andrew is a new member of the resistance for V the Final Battle. He tells of his times in Nicaragua working with guerilla forces. Father Andrew delivers last rites to those who die and argues against aborting the starchild who is half Visitor. Father Andrew believes the starchild is the key to peace with the Visitors and brings the starchild to the Visitors. With Diana, Father Andrew discusses the bible, but Diana doesen't like what she hears so she destroys his bible and kills the father.


Sancho is one of the original V mini series resistance members who manned the guns of a skyfighter when Mike returns to aid resistance forces. In V the final battle, Sancho has a much smaller role. He and Mark find Ham Tyler wandering around their headquarters and try to bring them in before being surprised and captured by Chris Farber. Sancho enjoys the shrimp at the banquet at the Los Angeles medical center. When the resistance tries to decide rather to attack the Visitor motherships or not, he thinks its hard to believe that this small group is trying to determine the fate of the world.

Elizabeth the Star Child

Elizabeth is a child whose mother is the naive Robin Maxwell, and whose father is the Visitor Brian. Robin tries to abort Elizabeth but she can't. Elizabeth is born along with a sibling that is reptilian. The reptilian visitor dies, and its the first time that Elizabeth cries. Elizabeth grows at a rate far faster than normal. With no understanding of right and wrong she spits venom on Kattie Maxwell. Elizabeth

Mike Donavan

Mike returns as daring as he ever was in the first Mini Series. Mike trades his life to the Visitor's for his son's. Diana then uses a new truth method to extract information from Mike. Mike reveals the name of his fifth column contact, Martin. Martin then helps Mike to escape from Visitor captivity as they both parachute to the ground. Mike sees to it that the red dust toxin is not used against the Visitors until all of the fifth columnist have antidote pills. While getting into many disputes with an old acquaintance, Ham Tyler, Mike lives up to his nickname "gooder" for dogooder as he tries to be a hero any way he can. Mike also tangles with his mother Eleanor Dupres, who nearly shoots him in the back as he flees from her house after borrowing a Visitor pass for duplication.

Julie Parrish

Julie the leader of the resistance returns and begins with an attack on a Visitor food processing plant which fails. After this she and her resistance members prepare to unmask the Visitor's Supreme commander on national television. At the moment of truth, Julie herself holds Visitor commander John and tears his face off personally. Julie is captured because of this stunt and Diana begins the process of converting her. Julie is freed but her resistance members doubt where Julie's loyalties lie because of her time in captivity. Julie helps deliver the starchild and with the help of Robert Maxwell a toxin that is leathal to the Visitors is discovered.

Female Resistance Blue Jacket Info girl

This resistance member tips off her fellow team as to the location of a Visitor food processing plant. When her husband was taken away she followed the Visitor's there. After a daring attack on the facility, the Visitors quickly squash any resistance, and the human rebels take to the hills. This resistance member turns and fires a few last rounds before fleeing, then she is shot. Carried back to resistance headquarters she mutters "They mustn't win." Mike Donavan tells her they won't and then she dies.


At the start of V the Final Battle, Mark an ex-cop appears as a new member of the resistance. In many ways Mark is a replacment for Brad, the cop who served the resistance during the first V mini series. Mark is a jealous boyfriend of Maggie. Mark has to be straigtened out by Chris Farber even after he gets particularly ugly with Maggie after her "undecover" time with Daniel gathering information. Mark agrees to marry Maggie but dies before he can. While escaping a Visitor water pumping station, he is wounded and agrees to stand behind and cover everyone's retreat. He dies in the process.


Maggie is a resistance member that enjoys a relationship with fellow resistance member Mark. Maggie cozies up with Daniel Bernstein and uses time after sex to gain information about Visitor activities. These covert seductive actions with Daniel, make Mark jealous. Mark and Maggie agree to be married as soon as they get back from a raid on a Visitor water pumping station. When Mark dies in the raid, the plans of marriage are ruined. Maggie ultimately uses her close connection with Daniel to capture him and Visitor commander Daniel. When the resistance develops the red dust and plans to destroy the Visitor's she vocally speaks up in favor of attacking in spite of others who fear the Visitor's thermonuclear capabilities.

Robert Maxwell

Robert returns with a more minor role in the second mini series than the first. He actually fires at the Visiors in this one during a raid at a Visitor food processing plant while he did no fighting in the first V mini series. Robert counsels his daughter Robin on her pregancy. He thinks she should be able to abort her child, even though it is a child of a Visitor father that could bring peace between the Visitors and humanity. Like a fool Robert plays the emotional dad eager to try to "help" but lacking any knowledge or skills to do so.


Ruby, returns as a full fledged member of the resistance in this V mini series. She gathers information about a Visitor banquet for the supreme commander and proves invaluable in helping the resistance in their plan to unmask the supreme commander on national Televison. When the resistance leader Julie is captured and held at Visitor Security Center on earth, she uses her position as a cleaning woman, to turn off the power and allow Julie to be freed. For this action of bravey she is found out by Daniel who shoots her while trying to slowly walk away.


Fred works in the Los Angeles Medical center as a doctor. He is approached by Julie Parrish of the resistance and helps with information about the upcoming Visitor event at the medical center where the Visitor's Supreme Commander will be attending. Fred helps Julie in an attempt to abort Robin Maxwell's half alien child, but the abortion procedure has to be stopped because its killing Robin. Fred is killed by Visitor Youth commander Daniel Bernstein during a getaway attempt from the Visitor controlled Medical Center. Julie motions Fred to "go for it" as Fred speeds toward the exist of the medical center in an ambulance. Shot in the head by Daniel he dies at the wheel, and Julie is captured.

Bootlicker Doctor

This is a young doctor trying to go about his normal business at the Los Angeles Medical center with two of his fellow coworkers/students. He is stopped by Daniel Bernstein, who tells them that "School's a load of crap." After this doctor in particular quietly stand there he is told by Daniel "I don't think he likes me." A shocktrooper then holds the man down as he is forced to lick Daniel's boots.


This bum tries to drink his whine in quiet near a dumpster. He spots a Visitor reach into a dumpster and retrieve a mouse. The Visitor then eats the mouse, and the bum recoils in disgust. Visitor Brian sees what the bum sees and tells his subdorinate that "the humans must never see us eat, never." Rather the bum is left alone assumed to be too drunk to remember what he saw, or is in fact killed by Brian is left for the viewer to guess.

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