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Final Battle Characters



Diana returns from the Original V Mini series with an even greater role. Diana kills her comamnder Pamela, and the Visitor supreme commander when they get in her way. Diana kills a priest that tries to convince her of the ways of god. In the areas of science Diana perfects a fullproof method of truth extraction and converts Mike Donavan's son, Sean into a spy via her conversion method. Diana tries to destroy the Earth via a doomsday nuclear explosion but is stopped by the powers of the starchild. Escaping in a lone skyfighter she flies with a smile to try to fight another day.


Steven head of security for Visitor Los Angeles operations begins the Final Battle mini series by commanding the security forces of a Visitor food processing plant. Along with his subdordinate Jake and Visitor security forces they watch as Resistance forces attempt an attack but are quickly sent heading for the hills. To Steven there was no glory in routing such meager forces. When Supreme Commander John speaks in Los Angeles, Steven oversees security. After the resistance unmasks John on national television, Diana exclaims that Steven has "been criminally negligent and will be held accountable." Steven does get back at Diana, when Diana's little human dupe, Kristine Walsh is found wandering into secured Visitor areas. Steven dies at Visitor Security headquarters in Los Angeles via a fatal dose of red dust sprinkled over his face by Ham Tyler. Before he dies, Steven manages to kill Eleanor Dupress as she comes out screaming for help from the resistance.


Pamela is a regional mothership squad commander. Diana's mothership in Los Angeles is one of the ships under her command. When Pamela arrives she quickly snaps at Diana for her troubles with the resistance. To Pamela "It only matters that we do what we are told." Pamela arrives with plans to suck all the fresh water out of Los Angeles in 30 days. Pamela quickly gets into it with Diana, and relieves her of all commands outside of Diana's specialty; science. Diana is of course furious and kills Pamela with a laser pistol and resumes her plans while claiming she is just resuming the plans Pamela laid out before she died.

Supreme Commander John

In the Original mini series, John became known throughout the world as the Supreme Visitor commander. The resistance sees this fame as an opportunity. They unmask John on national television revealing his reptilian nature. The Visitors fight back by claiming the whole unmasking was staged by terrorists, and then they proceeded to recreate what they originally intended to air hoping the world is stupid enough to buy this lie. When Diana tries to detonate a doomsday device and destroy the Earth, John refuses and is ultimately shot in the back by Diana; dying right there on the spot.


Martin, a Visitor fifth columnist contact that Mike Donavan met in the first mini series returns with even bolder methods to assist the resistance. Martin manages to get weapons, and uniforms to the resistance as well as a way to get them out of the Los Angeles medical center after they unmasked John the Supreme Visitor commander. Martin doesen't like Ham Tyler and comments "Are there many more like this one." But Martin trusts Mike Donavan, and Mike trusts Ham, so Martin does his best to get along with Ham. When Martin is found out as a fifth columnist he esacpes with Mike, and joins up with the Resistance on the ground full time. During the final assault on the LA mothership, Martin shows off his marksmanship skill by eliminating a slew of Visitor soldiers with no more than his laser pistol and his will.


Brian, the Visitor who romanced his way into bed with the human female Robin, returns in this mini series with a role more emphasizing his role in the Visitor war machine. Brian continues to rely on his trusted human collaborator, Daniel Bernstein. This trust gets him into trouble, when Daniel becomes involved with Maggie of the resistance. Brian is captured by the resistance, and Daniel is framed by the resistance and ultimately hauled away by the Visitors as a new source of food. While in captivity, Brian is selected as a guiena pig to test a new toxin; the red dust. Brian shakes and squirms as the mother of his child, Robin kills him with the red dust while Elizabeth his daughter looks on.

Jake Visitor Lietenant

Jake had a small role in the original mini series as a shocktrooper commander. In V the final battle, Jack helps oversee the security of a food processing plant during a Visitor raid. When Mike Donavan tries to take a posion to die onboard the Los Angeles mothership Jake knocks the pill out of his hand and subdues Mike with his laser gun. Later when a Visitor disguised as Mike Donavan tries to assasinate Diana, Jake jumps to the scene and kills the would be assasin.

Mousey Visitor

This is a visitor that pals around with Daniel Bernstein. Daniel tells him that a group of doctors are studying so that they can be rich and marry soreirty queens. This visitor is seen eating a mouse by a bum and gets scolded by his superior Brian. A giggling, goofy Visitor is what this actor portrays. In many ways he is just like Willie a Visitor who decided to join the resistance.

Oliver - Fifth Column

Oliver is the fifth columnist that greets Mike Donavan aboard the mothership when he gets captured. Oliver tells Mike that Diana has a new truth extraction method and offers Mike a pill to end his life so he won't spill the beans about everything he knows about the fifth column and the resistance on Earth. Oliver is killed before Mike can swallow the poison pill that was offered.


Willie the peaceful pacifistic alien from the original Mini Series returns again and this time joins up with the resistance. At first Willie is captured and studied and researched. But when Robin is about to give birth to a child of mixed Visitor and human parents, his knowledge of Visitor motherhood problems proves crucial. Willie fights alongside the resistance during the pivotal final battles onboard the Los Angeles mothership. Willie's favorite female companion, Harmony dies to save Willies life during the battles.

Barbara Fifth Column

Barbara is a fifth columnist that works closely with Martin on the Los Angeles Visitor mothership. She helps distract technicians so that Martin can pull out the circuit boards that could turn off the broadcast from the Los Angeles Medical center that supreme comander John is unmasked and broadcast to the world from. Barbara carries a codebreaking machine around to try to stop the doomsday machine onboard the Los Angeles mothership which would generate a nuclear blast. In the end the starchild Elizabeth deactivates the doomsday machine.

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