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Governmental Powers

In the beginning governments around the world approached the new mamoth spaceships in the skies with fighter jets and even missiles. After learning that fighters are useless as are missiles, goverments began to welcome the Visitors and their message of peace.

When presented with what amounts to clear defeat should a war be waged goverments often silently and quietly surrender. Such was true in France during World War II and such is true in V as well.

The arrival of the Visitors from V at the United Nations building in New York introduced the Visitors to the people of the world. The Secretary General of the UN met with the Supreme Commander of the visitors. Such a meeting really showcases the hierarchy of governmental authority that the Visitors themselves represent and exploit.

Shortly after this meeting the Visitors alert the world to terrorist plots to undermine both local governmental authority as well as peaceful coexistance with the visitors. With a few images of propaganda citizens and government leaders start to buy into this threat. From such early propaganda sprang forth martial law largely run and coordinated by local police.

Early on Earthly militaries were slowly and secretly dismantled. By the second V mini series the armies of Earth have been completely supplanted by Visitor Shocktroopers and new earthly police forces and armies of the conquered countries they now rule.

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