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V TV Series Characters


Mike Donavan

Mike the daring camera man that originally uncovered the true nature of the Visitors returns in a role as the leader of the Resistance. He fights visitor henchman including Klaus, and watches as his son is brainwashed by the visitors yet again. Mike befriends another visitor in power, Phillip who aids the resistance cause.

Julie Parrish

Julie Parrish, the leader of the human resistance during the first two mini series returns as a scientist at Scientific Frontiers, the company that runs Los Angeles via a cooperative arrangement with the Visitors. Julie claims she has broken all ties to the Resistance and constantly tries to keep her boss Nathan Bates convinced of this. Behind the scenes Julie uses her acess to Science Frontiers technology to aid the resistance in their struggles against the Visitors. Julie's scientific background proves invaluable as the starchild emerges from a cocoon as a full grown woman. Despire Julie's heritage as resistance leader, she is relegated to a second tier character in the V tv series as Mike Donavan, Kyle, and Ham dominate the storylines of V.

Robert Maxwell

Robert from the first two mini series returns just long enough to die a hero. He and Julie fight off a group of Visitor shocktroopers whose aim is to retrieve the starchild. Robert then pilots a mothership captured during V the final battle into a new great visitor weapon, the particle beam triax. He destroys the particle beam triax before it can vaporize Los Angeles but he loses his life in the process. At least Robert gets to live up to the saying Julie told him about having to sacrifice a life or two to save millions, even billions.

Elizabeth Maxwell

Elizabeth the starchild grows up rapidly during the first two episodes of V the series. She goes into a cave and enters a cocoon state. After emerging from her cocoon she has physically grown from her current childlike state into that of an 18 year old woman. While still having the mentality of a child, her powers cause the attention of Visitor leader Diana as well as new found resistance member Kyle. Diana obtains a bloodsample of Eliabeth and makes a clone which dies. Later Elizabeth agrees to be the bride of the Visitor's supreme leader from the homeworld. Shortly after this Kyle sneeks aboard the shuttle Elizabeth and the leader are in and it becomes apparent that Diana has placed a bomb on the shuttle. This is how the tv series ends; with a question about the fate of the starchild, as well as the fate of the human race.

Robin Maxwell

Robin is the mother of the starchild Elizabeth who was born via a union between Robin and a visitor father. Robin lives with her child Elizabeth at her father's ranch until her father, Robert Maxwell is killed. Robin plays a character trying to be more mature than in the previous two mini series but she is still a frightened little fool who finally is sent off to the safety of Chicago so that her character could be safely removed from the show.


Elias uses his fame and contacts from his old days in the resistance to establish a bar, Club Creole. After the Visitors return to the Earth again he makes it a hideout for Resistance members in need. Gone is the cokcy, two bit crook routine as Elias is now an upstanding member of the business community. Elias' business nature provides a good front for his dealings with resistance members. But soon his involvement is discovered and his Club is destroyed via one of the least convincing if not worst explosions in the history of modern television. Elias is killed by a Visitor energy beam known as the disintegrator.

Kyle Bates

Kyle Bates the son of Nathan Bates, the head of Scientific Frontiers becomes acquainted with the resistance shortly after finding the starchild Elizabeth being chased by visitor motorcycle units. He resuces her and encounters Ham Tyler and Mike Donvan. After being captured and held behind enemy lines in a POW camp Kyle joins up with the resistance and becomes a valued member of the resistance. In the last episode of V Kyle sneaks aboard the shuttle of the supreme Visitor leader to be with Elizabeth the starchild. Throughout the saga a great romantic rivalry persists wherein Elizabeth and her mother Robin compete for Kyle's affections.

Ham Tyler


Chris Farber

Chris returns to the V tv series saga for one episode in which he tries to smuggle orphans from the war with the visitors into the open city of Los Angeles where things are much safter. Chris is then reunited with his old pal Ham Tyler who he tells about his efforts fighting the visitors in the desert before his unit got eradicated by Visitor attacks. Chris ultimately leaves Los Angels with his pal Ham Tyler as they escort the starchild Elizabeth to a safezone in Chicago.

Mr Chaing

Mr Chaing served as the head of security for Science Frontiers under Nathan Bates. Mr Chaing is skilled in martial arts and techniques of interrogation. During his employment at Science Frontiers, Mr Chaing detains and attempts to extract information from Nathan Bates after Nathan defied his father. After Nathan Bates is shot and dying, Mr Chaing secretly takes control of Science Frontiers and rules it as a patsy for Charles the Visitor commander on Earth. Mr Chaing is killed while attempting to eliminate a dying Nathan Bates to ensure his control of Scientific Frontiers.

Nathan Bates

Nathan Bates is the founder of Science Frontiers, the company most responsible for mass manufacturing of the red dust that caused the Visitors to originally have to flee the Earth. After their return Nathan Bates sees to the capture of Diana and holds the captured mothership that hovered over Los Angeles. Nathan strikes a deal with Diana to keep Los Angeles an open city for Visitors and humans to pass through freely provided they carry no weapons. To enforce this treaty he wears an electronic device that will trigger a massive release of red dust should he die. He uses this and the nature of Los Angeles as an open city to buy time to try to figure out a way to gain the upper hand over the Visitors.

Howard K Smith

Howard K. Smith serves as a reporter that serves up news about daring resistance efforts against the Visitors as part of Freedom Network TV broadcasts.

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