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Original V Mini Series Characters

Mike Donovan
Mike is a daredevil cameraman that will go to any links to get the hot story on film. Along with his partner Tony they film a dramatic attack on Nicaraguan rebels before the Visitors arrive. He is chosen as one of a chosen few journalists to be the first to see the inside of a Visitor mothership. In time he becomes suspicious of the Visitors and sneaks aboard the Los Angeles mothership. There he captures Visitor Diana swallowing a rat hole and encounters a fight for his life against a 6 foot lizard warrior which he discovers all Visitors to truly be. He is hunted by the Visitors for knowing the truth and joins up with the Resistance shortly after. He escapes from the Visitor mothership via the help of a group of disgruntled Visitors known as the Fifth Column. He arrives on the scene of a devestating Visitor aerial attack on a Resistance camp in the mountains. There his stolen Visitor skyfighter turns the tides on the battle and Diana orders a retreat.


Tony is the soundman for famed cameraman Mike Donavan. At the beginning of the V saga, Tony and Mike Donvan are off capturing video footage of an attack on rebels in Nicaragua. There they gaze up and see the first flying saucer from the newly arrived Visitors. The Visitors slowly take control of things and blame the conspiracy of scientists for anything that goes wrong. Tony senses something is not right and notices the apparent ambextrity that various scientists seem to now be capable of. As he puts it mysteriously right handers are turning into left handers. Tony's insight inspires Mike Donavan to sneak aboard a Visitor mothership in search of the truth. On the first such adventure Tony can't quite make it in time. On the second attempt to sneak onboard a mothership, Tony is sprayed with Venom and both he and Mike are captured. Tony dies onboard the mothership.

Julie Parrish

Julie is a young biomedical student who is caught in the middle of a scheme of worldwide persecution against scienstists aiming to ostrasize, round up, and later eliminate scientists. After Visitor forces have planted themselves firmly in the US, she bands with other scientists and rebels in Los Angeles. Julie becomes a leader of sorts for the human resistance in Los Angeles that was to inspire rebellion against the Visitors around the globe. She is mortally wounded during a raid to steal medical supplies but comes back fighting. As the Original Mini Series ends, Julie points a pistol to the sky and defiantly fires round after round in defiance of the Visitor's that occupy her world. With one battle won, she prepares for a long war and sends a distress signal into space in the hopes that an enemy of the Visitors may arrive one day to help humanity in its struggle.

Robin Maxwell

Robin is a teenager mystified by the Visitors and thoughts of where they came from. One Visitor in particular, Brian particularly enchants her. They play video games together such as Space Invaders, and enjoy slow walks and talks. When Robin is taken by the Visitors for breaking a Visitor mandated curfew, she meets Brian onboard the Los Angeles mothership. While scared and frightened Brian provides her comfort and impreganates her. In spite of Robin's attraction to Brian, a neighbor boy, Daniel wants her more than anything. Daniel turns in his own family to try to get back at Robin and the Maxwell's that have been eluding Visitor control. Robin causes her father to betray the resistance and give locations for attack, and causes an innocent family, the Bernsteins to be imprisoned and tortured because she could not judge the power she had over Visitor Youth member Daniel.

Robert Maxwell

Robert and his family witness first hand fascist takeover and persection. As a scientist he is asked to register and tries to flee the city but is stopped. Only with the aid of a smuggler does he leave the city; then he joins up with resistance forces. When Robert's daughter Elizabeth is captured by the Visitors, he gives them the location of a Resistance camp in the mountains in exchange for her safety. Shortly after this deal Robert decides that "too many other lives are at stake" and rushes off to warn the camp. Like a naive fool he gets a lot of people killed and then assumes a TV hero role for his idiotic last ditch attempt to warn his people that they are about to be attacked. His wife Kathleen is killed during the raid, and he survives with his tough daughter Polly, young daughter Kattie, and his eldest daughter Robin.

Caleb Taylor

Caleb represents the average American blue collar worker. He works at a chemical manufacturing plant. When the Visitors first arrive, he jokes that now he will have to compete with them for jobs, just like the "honkies" and the Mexicans before. Caleb's chemical plant is one of the first retooled to make the chemical compounds the Visitors claim they need to survivie. He partners with Visitor William, a bumbling technician that he learns to like after William saves his life when a refrigerant coolant container bursts. Caleb joins the resistance after his eldest son, Ben is killed by the Visitors during a daring raid for medical supplies for the resistance.

Ruby Engels

Ruby is a close friend of Abraham Bernstein. She doesen't see anything wrong with the Visitor influence on Earth at first. She tells her friend Abraham about the Visitor problem that "it will pass." After Abrham is kiled, Ruby performs her own little act of vengeance on the Visitors. While Visitor patrols are busy rounding up kids who were defacing Visitor propaganda posters she tosses a bomb into the open door of a skyfighter. Then she just strolls on her merry way as Visitor units start running to the scene. With a quiet almost tranquill face she moves forward slowly, and the only person that witnessed her bombing was a sympathetic police officer who laughs as the old lady slowly walks away.

Abraham Bernstein

Abraham is a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. He remembers waving goodbye to his wife for the last time before she was marched off to the showers with no water during World War II. Before his eyes the Visitors slowly recreate the raw might that he remembered from his days under Nazi rule. Others tell him that the Visitor trouble will pass. He counters that thats what he thought about the Nazi's in Berlin in 1938. At first Abraham suggests that his grandson Daniel join the Visitor youth organization because he has no friends or sense of responsibility. It soon becomes apparent to him that this was a mistake. Daniel turns in his own parents for hiding scientists who the visitors deemed to be terrorists. As punishment Daniel's parents and Abraham are hauled away for Visitor torture. Abraham does not survive, but his death spurs Ruth Engels to revenge Abraham's death and galvanizes others to resist the Visitor reign on Earth.

Stanely Bernstein

Stanley is a husband and father who watches as a foreign power, the Visitors enters his world and disrupt his life. As he puts it things had better get back to the way they were before we sink. Stanley is arrested by the Visitors for his involvement in hiding a Scientist and his family from the Visitors. Stanely's son is responsible for this imprisonment and Stanely is burned and tortured as a result. Before the torture Stanely is lead into a small room with a torch lit and an array of sharpened "truth extractors" with the Visitor's vindictive science officer Diana looking on. After being found out once for hiding scientists, Stanely actually becomes so foolish as to agree to let other resistance members hide at his place even though his son is an informant. His fathers last written words of resistance which his wife finds is the justification he has for this. Stanely represents Middle America. After the Visitors are in control he complains of increased prices, and the difficulty in getting long distance phone calls through rather than the lack of freedom of his countrymen.

Lynn Bernstein

Lynn is the mother of Daniel Bernstein, a youthful impressionable boy that can't seem to find his niche until he joins up with the Visitor Youth Organization. At the beginning of the V saga she watches the drama of the Visitor landing unfold in her living room with her husband Stanley. Lynn watches as her son Daniel slowly becomes obsessed with the Visitors and the power they give to him. She tells her husband about the "stories" she has heard about how one member of her son's Visitor Youth organization turned in his own parents for acting against the visitors which caused their dissapearance. Stanely her husband doesen't seem to worry to much about his son's involvement with the Visitors, but Lynn does. Ultimately Lynn and her husband are taken prisoner by the Visitors briefly for their role in hiding a scientists family from the Visitors. After Abraham Bernstein, Stanely's father is taken to later die at the hands of the visitors, Lynn reads his final words to her husband. She reads of "a blinding light triumphant over darkness." This was Abraham's hope; that his life and experience during the holocaust could inspire his son and Earth's people to be triumphant over the darkness of the Visitors which now reigns supreme.

Elias Taylor

Elias originally existed in life as a two bit hood who made a living off a variety of illegal enterprises. When news first reaches him of he Visitors arrival on Earth, he learns via a Television inside a house he just broke into. His brother Ben tries to steer him on a more straight and narrow path, and even asks for his help on a heist to retrieve medical equipment for the resistance. But as Elias sees it, with the Visitor's occupying the cities of America he makes more selling eggs and meat now than he ever did selling dope. After Elias' brother Ben is killed by the Visitors he joins the resistance and uses his contacts with local gangs to recruit new members.. In the first V mini series he helps lead an attack on an Armory to retrieve weapons as well as defends a resistance camp in the mountain against an aerial bombardment by visitor skyfighters.

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor is the son of Caleb Taylor and a big brother to Elias. Ben, a doctor is among the first to join Resistance forces to the Visitors in Los Angeles. Ben goes along with Julie Parrish and police officer Brad on a daring mission to steal medical equipment for a laboratory for the resistance. During the heist Ben Taylor is wounded but escapes via the help of Julie Parrish. Ben Taylor dies in front of his family's house with his brother Elias looking on. Ben's death inspires Elias to join the resistance inspite of his previous belief that the Visitor occupation is good for him as it makes him money via the black market.

Christine Walsh

A close friend of Mike Donavan's before the Visitor's arrive and an up and coming journalist. When the Visitors arrive she becomes their official spokeswoman and a stooge of sorts to spread their message. MikeDonavan arrives at her house and tells her of the Visitor's true nature, she just kind of shrugs it off. But with time she starts to wonder.

Sean Donvan

Sean is Mike Donavan's son. Sean finds his father's connection with the Visitors fascinating. While his friend Josh has Visitor action figures, Sean is given a Visitor key by his father. Sean's mother Marjorie finds it hard to compete with Mike's world of never never land fantasy. After trouble brews in Sean's hometown the Visitors descend in force and take away the whole town. Sean and his mother are separated never to be reunited. Sean himself is placed into a refrigerated cocoon onboard the Visitor mothership to be used as a future source of food.

Josh Brooks, Sean's Friend

Josh is the best friend of Sean Donavan, the son of cameraman Mike Donavan. Sean has the complete set of Visitor action figures and shows them off to Sean. Sean wants them too but Mike will have to discuss that with Sean's mom. After Donavan comes back to the hometown of his son, he encounter chaos. Cars are turned over and its as if a major disaster has occured. Mike Donavan finds Josh who then tells a story of how a local Visitor squad commander got killed via a bomb in the town. Everyone applauded and started chanting about how they were in America and weren't going to tolerate the Visitors anymore. Dozens of Visitor Shocktroopers descend on the town. A battle ensues and Sean Donavan and his mother are taken prisoner along with the rest of the town. Josh's one true memory of the entire battle was the awful eyes of a Visitor he saw while hiding in the back of a closet. Josh shows Mike Donvan where Sean kept a Visitor key that Mike gave to him and Sean is taken in by the Resistance. Later on he witnesses yet another attack; an aerial attack on the Resistance headquarters in the mountain.

Eleanor Dupress, Mike Donovan's Mother

Eleanor is a power hungry woman that lives it up when the Visitors arrive to Earth and become the ultimate power on the planet. She suggests that her husband volunteer his plant to be used as one of the first to manufacture chemical compounds the Visitor's claim they need to survive. She informs on Sancho, a man that helped smuggle a scientist's family out of Los Angeles. With this information she gains the special attention of the Visitor Steven, who brings Eleanor into the Visitor's sphere of power even more in the second V mini series. Eleanor tries to convince her son Mike that the Visitors aren't so bad and should be respected.

Arthur Dupress, Mike Donovan's Stepfather

Arthur runs a small plant that is retooled to be used by the Visitors. Arthur can hardly believe the way his wife treats people now that the Visitors are in charge. Arthur, the stepfather to Mike Donavan knows the Visitor's wanting him for crimes is a farce. But Arthur's wife doesen't care about her son. In business suit and tie, Arthur sits back and watches his wife rise to the occasion and eek out all she can from her newly forming friendships with the Visitors.


Harmony is food server that works near the powerplant that Arthur Dupress runs. She is a social outcast of sorts. But finds a prince charming in the Visitor William. She helps him with his English and corrects him when he uses the word just instead of lost. After stepping in gum one day she discovers a bomb and rushes to alert William before it goes off. Harmony and Willie pair off even more in V the Final Battle.


Brad is a police officer that is among the first to join the resistance. He tells of how many of us fellow officers dissapear when they didn't do what the Visitors said when "they requested that we help them maintain order." Brad is played by the actor that later played the dad in the Boy Meets World TV Series.

Friendly Cop Bob

This is the cop that snickers as he spots Ruby Engels slowly strolling away after bombing a Visitor skyfighter. He argues with his partner that one should be gentile with the wounded but his partner is a hardcore Visitor lackey. This cop assists the resistance cause again as he keeps quiet when he hears a young child squell that is being smuggled out of Los Angeles.


This character shows up briefly at the start of the Original V Mini Series. Quentin, a friend of Robert Maxwell, is an anthropoligist and has been studying the skeletal structures of the Visitor's Supreme commander via photographs. Quentin is the first scientist killed by the Visitors. He is shot from behind by a Visitor hiding in his car.


Ruth, a fellow scientist is a friend of Julie Parrish. She is madly in love with a coworker Dr Metz and Julie agrees to help him realize that she is a prize even greater than his nobel prize. While entering her apartment a Visitor emerges in the shadows and kills her with a single laser blast.

Dr. Metz

This scientist works with Julie Parrish before the Visitor's arrive on Earth. Shortly after their arrival a man from the goverment and a Visitor arrive at his office searching for files which incriminate the man for criminal enterprises. Dr Metz clamours "Search all you want, you won't find anything." But in the back of his file cabinent is a newly planted folder. Upon seeing it Metz proclaims "Its a lie I tell you, I don't know how it got there." And that was the end of Dr Metz, a man whom another coworker, Ruth secretly covets, and desires.


* Photo of Sancho from V the Final Battle courtesy of Warner Brothers

Sancho is a Hispanic American that makes a living doing a variety of lawn work and odd jobs before the war with Visitor's ramps up. At one point he tells Kathleen Maxwell that he can no longer work for her because other people he work for don't like the fact that he works for her. The fact that Kathleen's husband was a scientist makes some people with money fearful of being associated with that fact and the wrath the Visitor's may have for people who associate with such people. Sancho ultimately helps smuggle the entire Maxwell family out of Los Angeles by hiding them in his truck. He keeps a little girl quiet with candy and uses bad breathe from eating an onion to help the Policeman at a roadblock be eager to hurry him on his way. Eleanor Dupres turns in Sancho for smuggling scientists and the Visitors take Sancho away. Mike Donavan takes Sancho with him when he escapes the Visitor mothership in a skyfighter. Sancho mans the guns and Mike and Sancho make a good team inspite of the fact that Mike refers to him as Cisco at one point.


Daniel, the son of Lynn and Stanley Bernstein quickly falls under the web of Visitor power. Daniel volunteers as one of the first members of the newly forming Visitor Youth Friend organizations. Daniel becomes angry when he is rejected by Robin Maxwell. A fight ensuses and Daniel's father wrestles Daniel into a swimming pool. Daniel emerges points his gun at his father and leaves. Shortly thereafter Visitor forces take away his mother and his father for hiding a scientists family who had sense escaped.

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