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Original V Mini Series Characters


William or "Willie"

Willie is a Visitor technician that was originally scheudled to be sent to the Middle East but ultimately was stationed in Los Angeles. As a result he learned Arabic better than English and he often fumbles with the English language. Words such as lost baffle him. During the first V Mini Series he saves the life of a human coworker Caleb, and pursues a romance of sorts with Earthling Harmony. Willie is a pacifist of sorts and is not so supportive of the Visitors plans for the Earth and its people.


Diana is the head science officer for the Visitors. But beyond her title, she has ambition. Diana leads a group of reporters on the first tour of Visitor technology. Diana quickly singles out dashing female reporter, Kristine Walsh, and offers her a position as official spokeswoman for the Visitors. With an agent of propaganda under her control, Diana aims to have even greater power. Inspite of just being a science officer, she leads an attack on a resistance camp in the mountains personally. Diana also arranges for an interplanetary mating experiment. The result of which yields an offspring in the next V mini series. With ruthless determination, Diana personfies the proverbial feisty female in charge.


Steven is a close subordinate of both Diana and Supreme Commander John. Steven helps plan the methodoloy in which Earth scientists are ostracized and rounded up. Steven furthers the Visitor lie about needing earthly chemicals by personally overseeing a refinement plant owned by Arthur Dupress. While courting humans in power, he gains valuable allies for the Visitor cause including Eleanor Dupress who wins particular favor for turning in Sancho a man who helped smuggle scientists out of Los Angeles.


Brian is a dashing young Visitor officer that strikes the attention of Robin Maxwell, a young naive human teenager. Brian discovers the joys of Space Invaders, and walks on Earth with Robin. When asked to participate in a unusual medical experiment by his superior, Diana, he agrees without hesitation. Onboard the Los Angeles Visitor mothership, Brian makes love to Robin Maxwell. Robin in V the Final Battle later gives birth to the child created via this union. Brian is in charge of Visitor Youth activites in Los Angeles and meets with many impressionable human teenagers about the possiblity of earning valuable privaleges by helping the "peaceful Visitors" and their aims. One such recruit of Brian is Daniel Bernstein.


John, is the first Visitor that human beings see. John is greeted by the Secretary General of the UN before revealing himself to the world. Shortly after John emerges with his sunglasses and Visitor forces and announces Visitor intentions or peace for all mankind. With a few chemicals vital to survival John promises Visitor information to help solve man's own environmental and health dilmenas. After this speech John and his Visitor subdordinates proceed to frame and ostracize scientists who are a threat to them. Martial law is declared and John's charasmatic friendly voice assures the world that all is well.

Skyfighter Pilot/Captain

This is the Visitor that Mike Donvan first sees when he slips onboard a Visitor shuttlecraft in uniform to escape his first capture onboard the Visitor mothership. The Visitor asks Mike what unit he is in and Mike holds up two fingers and dares not speak or his voice would give him away as a non visitor. As the ship lands the Visitor demands Mike say goodbye and then opens fire as Mike barely escapes via a big truck cab. On another occasion Mike Donvan sneaks away from the Visitor mothership this time with the help of fifth columnist Martin. This Visitor follows him in a skyfighter and is shot down. In short this is the "what unit are you in, You forgot to say goodbye" Visitor.

Shocktrooper Commander Jake

This is the commander that captures Elizabeth Maxwell after she is out at night after curfew. Her father, Robert goes out looking for her and also gets captured. Jake makes a bargain with Robert Maxwell in which he guarantees Robin will not be hurt and Robert will be able to get his family out of a resistance camp in the mountains provided he gives out the location of the camp.

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