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The human resistance began as a small close knit group of Scientists and other persecuted individuals that had come to to the conclusion first hand that the Visitors had taken control of their lives and planet.

Governments stepped aside, and had surrendered in the face of superior firepower, organizational talents, and charsima. All of these traits the Visitors used to weave their slow interconnected web of control over the human race.

But as with all crack downs, and all totalitarian regimes there will be those who will question and resist. During this crises, at this time, those who resist fight under the V sign for victory and huddle in darkness eager to seek out the others that believe as they do.

Gaining critical mass, one resistance group in Los Angeles, networks with others who resist throughout the world to unmask the visitors for what they truly are and lead a series of daring attacks into the most secure of visitor complexes.

From its beginning as a group to protect Scientists and their families, the Resistance of V gains arms, armies and even a bacterial attack agent in their battle against the Facsistic Visitors of V. In the end The V for victory carries the day and the freedom fighters of past, present, and future live on and are honored.


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