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The V television series began with a two part story of Diana's capture, escape and ended with her ultimately taking command of the visitor fleet once again. The human/visitor hybrid known as Elizabeth goes through a metamorphosis which ends in her emerging physically as a woman of far more years than her actual number of years alive. It is discovered that the pathogen to visitor living known as "red dust" only is effective in colder climatic regions due to a need for the pathogen to regenerate and reproduce seasonly in warmer environments. This knowledge spurs Diana to send forces of conquest into all the warmer climatic regions of the world such as Los Angeles. The visitors occupy many areas and an underground freedom network broadcasts from free america to the lands under siege by visitor occupation forces These broadcasts are actually incorporated into the Television series for the first few episodes but then cease to appear. Los Angeles was established as an open city for visitor and human passage without arms. This was due to the negotiating powers of Scientific Fronteirs head Nathan Bates who used threats of red dust release to establish this arrangement.

The Television series did not have the excitement or continuing storyline that made the V saga so great in the past. But the show did introduce a variety of new exotic costumes for Diana as well as her new competing female subordinate Lydia. Lydia and Diana were in constant competition and in the Trial by Combat tv episode fought in what was to be to do the death. But the fight was stopped by higher ranking Phillip.

The Tv series had many flaws including an overemphasis on romance, and an underemphasis on continuing storylines and battle scenes. But it did have some good episodes and served as a lengthy extension of the V concept as established first by the Original V mini series.

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