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V Gold Trooper Costume

Visitor Gold Trooper Costume as originally first appeared in the second V miniseries,
V: The Final Battle. This style of costume almost always included a holstered laser pistol.
This is one of the reasons that so many laser pistols were made for the second V mini series



V Hat Patch Closeup-------V Hat

This hat was worn by the Visitors throughout the V saga. Primarily worn by Visitor technicians and officers. The patches affixed to these hats were made just for the hats. Chest patches, armband patches, belt patches, and collar insignia patches comprise all visitor logo patches made for the V saga. On the right is a picture of the hat, on the left is a closeup of the hat's patch.

images courtesy

From the Collection of Mark Crawley

V Hat (armband patch attached)

Hat used in V. Identical to the one featured above except for the patch. Instead of the usual hat patch attached it has a patch off a visitor armband attached to it. This is unusual in that the sew pattern from its previous attachment to a V armband is present while this hat is attached to the hat through a totally other twine like material. Inside the hat is written the word Ashmore which indicates that this piece at one point or another was most likely used by Frank Ashmore who played Martin and Phillp on V. A previous owner puchased this from Frank Ashmore in fact.


Sunglasses as used on V by the visitors. Sunglasses used on the show were the 2001/S model sunglasses manufactured by the Papillion company of Italy.



images courtey

From the Collection of Mark Crawley


Original V Mini Series laser pistol. Used by the Character Daniel as played by David Packer. Visible in the opening credits of the first V mini series and throughout the V saga. Well constructed and quite durable.

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Laser Pistol as made for the second V mini series, V The Final Battle. Used in the second mini series, as well as the later television series. Constructed differently than the original V mini series laser pistol. This gun has no metal, the foward grip is somewhat bigger and the trigger area is generally smaller.



Visitor Laser rifle as used throughout V. The laser rifle is a direct modification of the original V mini series laser pistol. This was the primary weapon of the visitor shock troopers. This one has working electronics which provide an illuminated scope. One of only three such pieces with working electronics known to exist.

Picture of a Visitor shock trooper holding a laser rifle from V. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.


Resin Replica

Resin cast replica of an original Mini Series V laser pistol. This is a painted "garage kit" and featured a painted tube at the top rather than a clear plastic one such as some V replica guns feature. A trace of a name can be made out underneath the gun but it can not be determined who used the gun that this replica was cast off of.




Painted Facial Appliance

Painted facial appliance used in the "V" tv series by the reptilian like invaders known as the visitors. This one has a painted eye rather than using contact lenses as were used in the facial appliances of the first V mini series and second V mini series. On the left is a recent picture of the appliance as it exists today. On the right is a picture taken years ago by the original owner. Latex and foam rubber appliances harden and change colors somewhat with time. The pupil appears different in the two pictures due to lighting.

Unpainted Facial Appliance Signed by Frank Ashmore

Unpainted visitor facial appliance. This is an unpainted and unused version of the classic reptilian facial appliance used by the Visitors in the V series. This is of the style that would have been used in the tv series. This is signed by Frank Ashmore who played the visitor officer Martin in the first V mini series as well as the second V mini series. Frank Ashmore also played the character Phillip in the subsequent V television series.



Painted Skin Patch

Painted skin patch worn on the body during the V saga by one of the Reptilian invaders known as the visitors.





V Ships

Small Visitor Skyfighter made for an unknown V tv series episode. It is unknown if this was actually featured on screen or not. This was made for a TV series scene which required many skyfighters on the ground. Most skyfighters used in aerial and landing scenes were far bigger than this.


image courtesy

From the Collection of Mark Crawley

Also have Original shooting script for V the final battle part 1 and NBC Promotional Poster for V the Final battle.

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