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After the death of the Visitor Supreme Commander in V the Final Battle Diana is captured and awaits trial by humanity for her crimes. After a daring escape she is picked up via a skyfighter and returns to her mothership fleet that still waits within Earth's solar system. Diana soon finds she has to compete with new Visitors for control of the Visitor fleet. Her competion includes the lovely Lydia, Charles, and Phillip the Inspector General. Throughout the V tv Series Diana tries to retrieve the Starchild and competes constantly with Nathan Bates the man who controls Los Angeles.


Lydia is introduced to Diana during the second episode of the V TV series. Lydia serves as 2nd command and chief of security of the Los Angeles mothership. Lydia gets in the way of Diana's plans on more than one occasion and Diana plots ways to take her out of the picture many times. Lydia sends word to the Visitor Home world of Diana's problems and Charles is dispatched to take command of things. Lydia and Diana get into trouble when Charles is killed. Lydia and Diana fight it out in a trial by combat to determine just who is to blame. But before the fight can commence to the death it is stopped by Visitor Phillip who is now in charge.


Phillip is the twin brother of Martin, a fifth columnist sympathesizer that helped the human resistance overcome Visitor occupation in the first two V mini series. Phillip is dispatched by the Visitor's leader to investigate the circumstances that lead to the death of Charles. Phillip was an instructor of combat at one time but later took up an interest in Visitor law. Phillip believes that Mike Donavan is responsible for the death of his brother Martin and seeks vengeance. Phillip fights Donvan in hand to hand combat but comes to the conclusion that Mike is a "man of honor" and that Diana killed his brother. Phillip then assumes a role as spy for the resistance as his brother before was.


Martin the fifth columnist that proved invaluable to the resistance during the first two mini series returns for the 1st episode of the V TV series. Durng his brief sting on the TV series it is revealed that Martin has become a cameraman for Mike Donavan, a resistance hero from the original war with the Visitors. Martin argues with Mike Donavan that Diana who is awaiting trial for her crimes against humanity deserves death. To Martin on their planet justice is swift, and giving Diana a trial is a farce. After Diana escapes from captivity on Earth, Martin chases after her and is killed. Martin's red dust antidote pills allow Diana to escape to her fleet in space.


Willie, the friendly visitor technician that sympathizes with the cause of the resistance returns to the V tv series as a great interpreter of Visitor religion and beliefs. While hardly a fighter as he was in the end battle scenes of V the Final Battle, Willie is relegated to the role of a funny man who serves as a translator and cultural interpreter of sorts between Visitor fifth columnists and his human resistance friends. He helps deliver a visitor baby for two fifth columinist visitor parents and delights. Willie serves as a food server and assistant at Elias' Club Creole and serves to help the star child Elizabeth further develop her awesome powers.


Charles is dispatched by the Visitor Supreme commander after Lydia gets word of how Diana is mismanaging things. Charles immediately tries to brainwash Ham Tyler into killing Donavan. After Charles takes personal control of too many things, Diana plots to kill him, but Lydia gets blamed after Charles is killed. Charles brings with him a special guard who wear white visitor trooper armor.

Lt. James

Lt. James is one of Diana's main henchmen that is dispatched to do all manner of deed. James leads a visitor force who poses as the resistance to sabatoge the good name of the resistance on one occasion. James becomes a lover of sorts for Diana. After plotting with Diana to kill the Visitor leader upon his arrival at Earth, James rein of terror on Earth is ended as he is arrested by his own people.


Klaus is a visitor youth combat instructor at the school that teaches Sean Donavan, Mikes son. Klaus teaches to fight with no mercy. Klaus fights Mike Donavan one on one with a variety of weapons including a laser whip.

Mary Kruegar

Mary Krueger is a Visitor commander that has invented a new way to process humans for food storage in a more efficient manner. Regional commanders meet at Playa del Mar where her encapsulator is showcased.

Angela the fighter - this is the assasin that Diana sends to kill Phillip during an attack to retrieve the mothership's energy crystals from Donavan. Angela is ruthless and Diana promises her a command if she kills her superior Phillip.

The Tracker - This is the Visitor's best tracker that is dispatched by Diana to retrieve a newly created clone of the starchild who has escaped.

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