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Macross Saga Humans

Rick Hunter (Hikaru-Japan)- amateur pilot caught up during the first Alien attack on the Earth and who inadvertanly is forced to land and live within the SDF-1 in space. In time he becomes a great pilot and even is given command of the legendary Veritech skull squadran and is put in charge of two recruits Ben Dixon and Max Sterling

Roy Foker - veteran pilot of the great Global Civil War that ravaged the Earth before a giant Alien vessel (future SDF-1) crashlanded on the earth and brought all nations of the World to a state of peace. In the beginning of the Robotech War, Foker served as the best pilot and leader of the Robotech Veritech (aerial) squadran known as the skull squadran

Max Sterling - Starting off as just a common pilot of a Veritech, he ends up making a name for himself as the best aerial ace that the Robotech Defense Force has ever produced. The greatest Alien pilot Myria whom is female has great resentment toward her human adversary in the sky and even tries to kill him while a spy. She fails and ultmately mates with Max Sterling to produce the first offspring of Zentraedi and Human parents which helps bring unity to both sides.

Ben Dixon - recruit of Rick Hunter, dies during an accidental overload of the SDF-1's main defense shield which destroys his craft and much of the city below on the Earth as well.

Henry Gloval - pipe smoking, commander of the SDF-1 vessel

Emil Lang (scientist) - Lead Scientist onboard the SDF-1 and considered the father of Robotechnology. He perfects the modular transformation of the SDF-1 to allow its main guns to fire after the ship was damaged. In addition he invented the pin point barrier system of defense for the heavily outgunned SDF-1 while in transit back to the Earth.

Lynn Kyl - Brother of singer Lynn Minmei and a devote opponent of war and the role of the Robotech Defense Force and soldiers in general

Lisa Hayes(Messa Hyessa- Japan)- Female officer in charge of the bridge of the SDF-1 Falls in love with pilot Rick Hunter and is involved in a competing love triangle for his love with her rival for Rick's love being Lynn Minmei

Lynn Minmei - singer and performer that gave hope and cheer to the crew of the SDF-1 during their 7 month journey back to the Earth after a disastorous space folding maneauver left them near the planet Pluto and took half of Macross island into space by accident as well. Macross island was rebuilt within the giant SDF-1 and her parents made a small Chinese Restuarant within the vessel. Minmei celebrates her 16th birthday aboard the SDF-1 and her songs strike bewildered fear into the hearts of Zentraedi attackers who do not know what to make of music. Her songs lead the SDF-1 and the RDF to victory over Zentraedi attackers during a climatic battle that decided the fate of the earth.

Claudia Grant - Female officer serving on the bridge of the SDF-1 A former intimate acquaintance of Roy Fokker and a great friend of Lisa Hayes.

Kim and other 2 girls from bridge (bridge bunnies)- minor bridge crew characters that really work hard during a major laser bombardment the SDF-1 in which the ship's only means of defense really was a pinpont barrier run by these three working frantically with ball type controllers to arrange this defensive focused energy means of defense

Macross Saga Aliens

Myria - female Zentraed flying ace that marries Max Sterling and gives birth to the first child of Human and Zentraedi parents

Breetai - ancient Zentraedi warrior placed in charage of a large fleet with the purpose of recovering the SDF-1

Exedore - Zentraedi Scientific expert and Breetai's number one assitant

Dolza - Leader of all Zentraedi and the oldest Zentraedi still living. He sends Breetai to earth to recover a crashed alien vessel. Ultimately Dolza decided the contact with Micronian (Human) culture has corruped the Zentraedi sent on this mission. He then promptly orders the destruction of all Zentraedi who have been in contract wth Micronian life and orders the entire Earth destroyed.

Khyron - crazed results oriented Zentraedi leader that often refuses to follow orders when they don's suit him. Kills one of his own men for attacking before he gave the order to. Becomes more intimate with fellow Zentraedi Azonia in a way never before known to the Zentraedi. He laughs at death and lives for the thrill of battle. Reorganizes the remnants of the Zentraedi war machine after most were assimlated into Earth culture and "micronized" or reduced to normal human sizes. Launches a major attack on the Robotech Defense Force on the ground and sets off explosions throughout the areas of their control on Christmas eve and dies in battle.

Azonia - Close female Zentraed acquaintance of Khyron

Bron and other spies - Zentraedi that were "micronized" and sent as spies onboard the SDF-1. They encounter a real culture shock as they are seen wearing incorrect clothes for their gender and other such cultural problems whcih they have no understanding of. Entranced by Lynn Minmei's singing and acting and who report directly to Breetai about the human culture which is determined by Zentraedi war experts to be incredible use of protoculture. Everything from bikini's to singing is a weapon as these spies see it.

Robotech Masters Characters

Dana Sterling - progeny of Max and Myria, heros of the first Robotech War; leader of a small hovertank squad during the second Robotech War

Bowie - comrade of Dana Sterling that often gets into trouble because of her

Zor Prime - Robotech Master which stole the Invid Flower of Life and its secrets for his people. Later cloned durng the second Robotech War to help the Robotech Masters.

Musica - one of three clones musically inclined that served under the Robotech Master hierachy

Octavia - one of the three clones musically inclined that served under the Robotech Master hieracy

General leonard - human general during the second Robotech War

General Emerson - human general during the second Robotech War

Marie Crystal - airplane pilot serving the Robotech Defense Forces during the second Robotech War

Nova Satori - member of the Military Police that often gives Dana Sterling trouble

Angelo - male hovertank driver serving under Dana Sterling's command

New Generation Characters

Scott Bernard - surviver of a failed Robotech Expeditionary Force attempt to reclaim the Earth from Invid occupation; leads a small group of guerilla warriors against the Invid on the ground

Rand - the first to join Scott Bernard on his quest against the Invid

Rook Bartley - female guerilla soldier well versed in the use of Robotech Cyclone mecha

Annie - young female child that is part of Scott Bernards force

Lancer - singer that sings under the name Yellow Dancer as a female but in reality is a male; a part of Scott Bernard's force

Lunk - hefty set man, mechanically inclined which joins Scott Bernard on his quest

Johnathan Wolfe - orignally a hero during earlier Robotech Wars, a great traitor during the third Robotech War as he betrays his men and leads them to their death as part of a pact of peace with the enemy

Invid Regis - queen leader of all Invid force occupying the Earth


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