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Global Civil War engulfs the major powers of the Earth for many years.

Alien spacecraft lands on Macross Island in Japan, leading to an end to the Global Civil War and a new age of global government and cooperation to repair, research, and rebuild the Alien vessel.

A grand celebration occurs to celebrate the official unveiling of the newly repaired spacevessel named the Space Dimensional Fortress One (SDF-1)

The Zentraedi, an alien race approximately 10 times normal human sizes approches the earth and attempts to reclaim the Alien Vessel. Fighting ensues with primitive weapons ineffective against the alien invaders. Only new technological fighters known as the Veritechs which were created after study of alien technology are a match for the invaders.

The SDF-1 attempts to escape the attack by using a new fold system to transport them elsewhere in space. They arrive near the Planet Pluto and their fold sytem components have now magically dissapeared.

The SDF-1 discovers that half of Macross island has been carried with them into space because of the fold operation. Citizens are recovered and relocated within the mammoth ship and life goes on while the SDF-1 attempts the journey back to the Earth.

The SDF-1and Earth Defenses ally themselves with their former alien adversaries lead by Breetai.It becomes appparent that Breeta's superior Dolza has ordered the death of all of Breetai's force as well as the Earth and the SDF-1. This order is necessitated because of a corruption of Zentraedi culture that now permeates Breetai's crew as Dolza sees it.

A major battle ensues with the combined robotech forces fighting alongside their new Zentraedi allies. With the battle song "We will win" the battle rages on leaving the Earth all but in ruins.

The surviving humans and friendly Zentraedi set about rebuilding the Earth.

Zentraedi's are micronized or shrunk down to human size to promote better understanding between the two races.

Zentraedi warlord Khyron organizes Zentraedi resistance and enlarges several of his micronnized comrades to lead an assualt on the remaining Robotech forces. During Chrismas Day Khyron lets bombs blow up all over the city.

Khyron dies in an attack on the SDF-1's monument which also claimed the life of the ship's former captain Gloval as well as several others

The Robotech Defense Force sets off in the SDF-3 (super dimensional fortress-3) on a mission of diplomacy to the creators of the Zentraedi known as the Robotech Masters.


Robotech Masters arrive on the Earth in search of an energy source known as protoculture which they believe they will find on the crashed alien ship that arrived on the earth sometime ago.

The Robotech Masters clone Zor Prime, the individual that originally stole the secrets of protoculture from the Invid

Dana Sterling the first interplanetary offspring from the first Robotech war leads an attack with Zor Prime on the complexes of the Robotech Masters and rids the Earth of them


The arch enemy of the Robotech Masters, the Invid arrive on the Earth in search of protoculture which originally was brought to humanity by the crashed alien vessel at the beginning of the first Robotech War.

Arriving in waves they quickly overrun limited Earth defenses and take dominace over the planet

Scott Bernard a pilot from the RDF's crash lands on the Earth and organizes a small band of resistance in an attempt to fight the Invid.

Rick Hunter one of the heads of the RDF expedtion in space returns to a conquered Earth but brings new technology in the form of a stealth plane invisible to the Invid.

With a coordinated attack on Invid complexes on the ground by Scott Bernard and the aerial attack from the new fighters the Invid are quickly defeated.

The Invid Regss queen flees the earth in a purely energy form


The RDF sets out in the new SDF-3 in search of the Robotech Masters homeworld while at the same time the Invid are there and on their way towards conquering it.

(Only 3 episodes of the planned 65 for Robotech II were filmed. They were edited into a video)


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