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General Robotech and Macross Saga sites image gallery, info on all three parts of the Robotech saga, character bios links, sounds from the Robotech saga downloadable Robotech songs, lyrics to all the songs from Robotech site about the mecha of Robotech large image gallery site in spanish and english,downloadable games, pictures, videos, and soundtracks links and merchandise info mecha information, continuity guide, and more

Merchandise Valkyrie and other Japanese toy and model info

Megazone 23 Part One/Robotech the Movie lyrics to songs in the Megazone Movie

Character Pages Minmay fan page with pictures and info about her songs Minmay fan page in Spanish Myria page

Macross Movie/Do You Remember Love features plot summary, voice actor info, and links.

Robotech Masters/Southen Cross (spanish) Robotech Masters Mecha

Robotech New Generation/Mospeda New Generation mecha site in Japanese

Robotech 2 the Sentinels downloadable 3d videos

Macross Plus info about the varous releases of Macross Plus

Macross 7 official Macross 7 page review of a Macross 7 comicbook novel pictures of Mylene and her pet rat named gubaba

Computer Artwork/3D Models downloadable 3d videos computer generated macross images

Mushes and Muds, and Roleplaying games comments and corrections to the Roleplaying Robotech book by Paladium supplental info for Invid War based Palladium roleplaying games supplental info for Southern Cross Palladium roleplaying games makers of the Robotech Roleplaying books and games

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General Anime Sites a unique searchable database attempting to catalog all anime works.


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