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The Macross Saga

The Macross Saga ranks as one of the most popular animated television saga of all times. The Macross saga originally ran in japan in the early 80's and was translated and "westernized" for inclusion in the Robotech saga in the US. Macross features a continuing storyline and is an animated work that was produced as a single story rather than as a series of smaller unrelated episode stories as most cartoons were in America during its airing. Macross inspired an animated feature film, a music video entitled Macross Flashback, as well as the Macross 2 and Macross 7 animated works. One of the original Macross toys from Japan was even used as the Jetfire transformer toy from the Transformer toy line by Hasbro. From books and toys, to roleplaying games and novels, Macross has inspired many interpretations and many fans. Most importantly though Macross made the Robotech saga famous and paved the way for other Japanese anime to reach the American market.

In the begnning the Earth was a simple place as it is now for many. Macross tells a story of a crashed alien battleship and the peace and unity that the threat of alien invasion created for humanity. But then aliens did come to Earth to reclaim this ship they believed to be rightfully theirs. The saga begins with Captain Gloval in charge of the vast alien battleship repaired and reverse engineered with a science that was called Robotechnology. Roy Fokker a veteran of previous Earth wars acted as humanity's ace pilot. With time the saga introduced other characters from simple backgrounds that were to make up the heart of humanity's defense against a mammoth alien armada numbering several million ships.

With song and the human spirit to succeed humanity is lead to victory again and again by the singing talents of a girl known as Lynn Minmei. A love triangle between Minmei, airplane pilot Rick Hunter, and bridge officer Lisa Hayes creates much conflict and a unique way of developing the character's respective traits. The Macross saga is a David and Goliath story. The aliens known as the Zentraedi are 50 feet tall and possess ships and technology much in excess of human capabilities. By contrast all humanity has for its defense is really a repaired and somewhat battered alien space vessel and an inventive crew capable of dealing with problems as they arise for them. And many problems to arise; from special anti gravity system pods lifting through the top of the vessel when first tested, to damage making it impossible to fire the ships main guns.

Such problems are dealth with inventively as all problems truly are. Macross is a character driven story with action, robotics, and incredible aerial and ground based combat scenes that follow a choregraphed precision that is the art of what battle truly is.

The SDF-1 battleship serves as a symbol of man's ingenuity and the marvels that Robotechnology and cooperation can create. The SDF-1 defends its occupants and ultimately the Earth with a variety of techniques and many squadrans of high tech Veritech fighters.

Zentraedi Commander Breetai (left) leads the alien effort to reclaim the SDF-1 and it's technology. Supreme Zentraedi commander Dolza (right) ultimately orders the death of Breetai's crew, the earth and the SDF-1 after seeing the dangerous effects that human culture have had on his people and their warlike way of life..

Zentraedi Warlord Khyron is determined to reclaim honor even if through death. He dies destroying the weakened SDF-1 in a sucide attack shortly after a Christmas season is celebrated on Earth..

Myria the Zentraedi ace of the skies at first resents human adversary Max Sterling and even tries to kill him. But in the end she falls in love with Max and their union leads to the birth of the first interplanetary child, Dana.

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Lynn Minmei entertains the human population which remains on board the SDF-1 in space for many months. During a climatic battle for the Earth she sings the Song "We Will Win" which galvinates a combined human and Zentraedi force to victory over the main Zentreadi fleet lead by Dolza.

Max Sterling serves as the best ace the Robotech Defense Force has

Lisa Hayes a commander on the bridge of the SDF-1 looks to the stars.

Rick Hunter rises from obscurity as an ameteur stunt pilot to become humanity's best aerial commander and a member of the famed Veritech Skull Squadron. He has trouble determing where his heart lies and debates rather his destiny is with Lisa Hayes, or the talented singer Lynn Minmei.

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