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Macross 2


Not rated
120 Minutes

Released by
US Manga Corp

Available subtitled and dubbed in English

Released in 1985

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Macross 2 takes place nearly a generation after the Original Macross movie. In this movie an alien race known as the Marduke approaches the Earth and attempts conquest. This alien race uses the power of song through "song emulators" to motivate enslaved
Zentraedi forces to fight for them. Humanity had long realized the power that songs had over the Zentraedi war machine. Now song was ineffective as a means of
confusing this alien attacker.

Reporter Hibiki and human fighter pilot Sylvie befriend one of the alien music emulators known as Ishtar. She learns about
Earth's culture and through the power of song
convinces the Marduke people to turn against their warlord and save humanity from the destruction that would be certain if the warlord's plans of annihilation were allowed to proceed

Beautiful free flowing animation and
painted landcapes, a hallmark of the
Macross Legacy is clearly seen
throughout Macross 2


images courtesy Big West/Bandai**

Reporter Hibki helps awaken the
Earth to the true dangers of the
impending alien attack on the Earth.

Ishtar A Marduke song emultor
learns of Human culture and
decides to help save it from the attacks by her people's warlord.

Silvie serves as the best fighter
pilot defending the Earth against the invasion.


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