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Thirty five years after Humanity's great battle fors urvival against Bodolza (Dolza's) main Zentraedi (Zentrandi) fleet humanity takes to space to ensure survivial and long range prosperity. A new Macross class space vessel called the Macross 7 leads a fleet of human vessels on a long range emmigration and colonization mission throughout the cosmos.

Seven years have now passed since Captain Maxmillian Jenius (Max Sterling) lead the fleet on its now historic mission. Maximillian and Miria Fariina (Myria) were the aerial aces of the respective human and Zentraedi (Zentrandi) races from the previous war for the Earth. They now have a daughter Mylene who enjoys song almost as much as Lynn Minmei; an inspirational hero of the first Macross War. She is part of a group known as the Firebombers which entertains the fleet in space which includes more than a million people onboard the Macross 7 flag ship alone.

Throughout their journey in space the Macross 7 crew encounters many dangers and battles that almost lead to the mythic things of story that the early Macross animates saga is famous for.

**images courtesy Big West/Bandai**

The Macross 7 fleet leads an emmigrating human
populace on journies of colonization throughout
the universe.

New Valkyrie Fighters head humanity's defense
forces on their quest to ensure Man's continual
ability to exist and thrive.

Mylene, Daughter of two heroes of the first
Alien War leads a group of singing and perfomance talents known as the firebombers which entertain the entire Macross 7 expeditionary force.


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