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Robotech Masters

In the Robotech Masters part of the Robotech saga, once more the Earth is invaded by Aliens. This time, the aliens are searching for the remains of the SDF-1which was destroyed, but has various pieces and remnants buried and hidden which the Robotech Masters want to find so desperately. The Robotech Masters are the founders of Robotechnology which was a science first created when Zor Prime a member of their race stole the Invid Flower of Life and learned how to develop its energy potential.

The Invid Flower of life created a source of energy and power that goes far beyond the means obtained by nuclear reactions. With time such power corrupted the Robotech Masters and Zor Prime attempted to rid his people of the dangers imposed by this means of energy. He sent a spacefortress to the planet Earth in the hopes that its inhabitants would use the science it allows for greater purposes than that which his own people were now famous for.

The Robotech Masters in their search for this spacevessel's remants on the Earth recreate Zor Prime in the form of a clone. He ultimately befriends Dana Sterling a commander of a small hovertank division from Earth's Robotech Defense Forces. Zor Prime helps Dana lead a daring attack on the Robotech Masters complexes which ultimately destroys the Robotech Masters and wipes their presence from the Earth. But this attack caused remants of the SDF-1 space fortress to escape into the air. The Invid Flower of Life coated the planet and as a result the Invid an even more agressive foe than the Robotech Masters would soon be on their way to Earth to conquer it and reclaim the Invid Flower of Life seeds contained on the planet.

The Robotech Masters ravage the Earth
lead by their elite Bioroid Terminator attack units.

The Robotech Master Leadership triumverant, composed of three cloned beings attempts desperately to locate the remains of the SDF-1
for its protoculture production capabilities.

Dana Sterling, the progeny of Myria and Max Sterling from the first Robotech War leads a hovertank division and defends the Earth as part of the Southern Cross Robotech Defense Forces

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