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Robotech the Movie AKA Megazon 23 Part One

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Megazone 23 part one is often referred to as the Robotech Movie.
In this movie the world or what people believe to be the Earth is
in fact controlled by a central computer known as Bohamood. What is believed to be the Earth is in fact just one giant space ship with everything and everyone organized and ran by a secret computer system known as the Megazone. Military personnel are trying to undue the controls that the computer system has over the Earth so that they can then take control. A computer generated female singer (run by Bohamood) known as Eve is the most popular singer and she attempts to stop the attempted military takeover.

Human military forces seek to gain unrestricted control over the Bohamood computer network as they anticpate a great alien attack shortly. However they do not know that the attackers are not alien but inhabitants of the actual Earth.

Their are three parts of the Megazone saga. Megazone 23 Part One should not be confused with "Megazone 23" which was a compilation creation from editing more of the later parts of the Megazone saga.

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Eve a computer generated female singer with great powers over the ignorant masses

Eve attempts to prevent a military takeover of the Bohomood Computer Network


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