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Robotech the New Generation

Robotech the New Generation begins immediately after the Robotech Masters segment of Robotech. In this saga the arch enemy of the Robotech Masters, The Invid have come to the Earth in search of a place of salvation where they can survive and grow in strength. The Invid are lead by their queen the Regiss, that has harnssed the power of the Invid Flower of life to alter her physiology from a slug like creature to a bipedal humanoid.

The Invid quickly overrun meager Earth defenses. They quickly established dominance and organized hive like bases in strategic places on the Earth key to their survivial. Resistance to the Invid is almost nonexistant. A crashed Robotech Expeditionary Fighter Pilot known as Scott Bernard leads a rag tag group of revolutionaries on a quest to fight the Invid.

Robotech the New Generation features a variety of interesting and unusual Mecha. Among them are the motorcycles that can double as body armor. New Alpha Airplanes are also used by Earth's daring resistance fighters in this saga.

Scott Bernard and others on the Earth combat the Invid in small guerilla units with mecha and equipment found among the remants of Earth's once former military establishments.

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The Invid arrive in search of a fertile planet on which
their Flower of Life can thrive. Human resistance is defeated in a few weeks and a series of hives are set up around the planet in strategic locations.

The Invid Shock Trooper acts as the backbone of theInvid war machine. Highly sensitive to protoculture and its presence in many incarnations they police theremains of the Earth population and protect Invid Hives and the Invid's queen the Regiss.

The Invid Queen the Regiss evolved her body from its sluglike nature to a more modern humanoid appearance. She invades the Earth in an effort to assure the survivial of her people.

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