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Robotech 2: the Sentinels

The Invid Regent leads a mission of vengeance against the homeworld of the Robotech Masters while the crew of the SDF-3 is still on their way to this world as part of a diplomatic mission.

Robotech II the Sentinels was intended to be a 65 episode sequel to the original Robotech animated television saga. Scripts for all episodes were written but only 3 episodes were completed before matchbox international, the toy sponsor of the show backed out. With limited funds the Robotech II project was cancelled. However the three completed episodes were edited into a single video known as Robotech II the Sentinels. Robotech II primarily features the cast of the Macross saga but does have cast members from Robotech Masters, and Robotech the New Generation in addition to the 3 alien races of the various parts of the Robotech saga.

While the Robotech Expeditionary Force is in route to the homeworld of the Robotech Masters they discover a variety of worlds occupied and under Invid domination. The inhabitats of these planets are known as the Sentinel races. In the Robotech video which was released the Sentinels were not even revealed or mentioned because of the brevity of material covered. The Robotech II storyline was adapted via comic books published by Eternity Comics, and Academy Comics and the full meaning of the Sentinels and their importance can be witnessed in the medium of comic books.

The Robotech II video as released showed the wedding of Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes in addition to the ultimate defeat of the Robotech Masters. This video was true to the greatness and magnitude of storyline that made Robotech great.

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The Crew of the SDF-3 includes many from the original Macross saga including a micronized Breetai, Lisa Hayes, Myria, Max, Claudia, and Rick Hunter. In addition Johnathan Wolfe a character from Robotech The New Generation is a part of Robotech II as is Dana Sterling and Bowie from Robotech Masters which are but children at this stage.

Rck Hunter (right) becomes a General in Robotech II, Max Sterling (middle) also takes on a higher rank. These heros of the first Robotech war now get to experience military structure from a command position which they will find is far different than they thought it would be.

Lynn Minmei (left) is now several years older and is no longer 15 like she was at the beginning of the first Robotech War. She entertains onboard the SDF-3 along with a new friend Janice (right).

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