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Macross - term for the first part of the Robotech animated saga which entatailed 36 approximately half hour tv series episodes. In addition the term can mean the island of Macross in Japan which is a central focus of the development of Robotechnology and whose inhabitants survived onboard a huge space vessel for many months while attempting to make it back to Earth

Protoculture - term for the mystical element that creates the means of energy which powers all Robotech vehicles and mecha. Protoculture is a form of energy derived from the sheer will power to reproduce of a form of life known as the Invid flower of life. Means to prevent reproducton by the Invid Flower of Life generate great energy which can be utilized. The Invid Flower of Life produces energy in much the same way as a battery with positive and negative eletrical charges attempting to meet but being stopped by a motor or other blocking agent which utlizes this attractive force..

Pinpoint Barrier - term for a small area energy shield developed to protect the mammoth Robotech Defense Force space vessel known as the Superdimensional Space Fortress One (SDF-1). In essence a small energy shield is maneuvered in such a manner as to selectively block enemy fire.

Invid Flower of Life - the source of Robotechnology power, first stolen from the Invid race by the alien force known as the Robotech Masters who manipulated its powers to create a vast empire spanning the universe. The invid flower of life can transform or evolve life in addition to generating raw energy potential. The Invid queen has used the flower of life to transform her apperance from a slug like creature to a bipedal intelligent being of vast abilities and powers.

Robotechnology - term for the human application of Alien technology powered by the Invid Flower of Life and protoculture. Primarily referring to Robotech Defense Force Mecha (planes, tanks, motorcycles and other vehicles) Term also can refer to the science derived from the study of protoculture, the invid flower of life, and the energy and potential it has.

Veritech - an protoculture powered aerial attack vehicle piloted by a single human pilot usually which has three basic modes of attack. These modes of attack are aerial airplane, robotic bipod, and a midway mode that allows the pilot to fly aerially while benefiting from robotic arms,a slower rate of approach, descent, and a more precise method of fire. Veritechs can fly through the endless bounds of space and have great agility and survivability.

Valkyrie - another term for Veritiech primiarly used in Japanse versions of the Macross cartoon and all related other Macross movies/ translated japanase followups

Zentraedi - an Alien race of giants originally created by a race known as the Robotech Masters. The orginal purpose of this created race was to act as a military force in service of the Robotech Masters empire. With time the Zentraedi rebelled and gained independence from the Robotech Masters. The lifestyle and purpose of the Zentraedi as they exist is and always has been war. Zentraedi are created much like test tube babies and are devoid of sexual means of procreation. Male and female Zentraedi to exist however but they do not associate on any level normally.

T'Sentraedi - a term for the Zentraedi from the Japanese versions of Macross and related translated movies and followup television shows

Robotech Masters - an alien race based on the Planet Tirol. They are the creators of the Zentraedi and the first to unravel the secrets of protoculture and the Invid Flower of Life. Their greatest enemy is the Invid whom they orginally stole the Invid Flower of life and all its secrets from.

Robotech Master Clones - clones organized into groups of three that make up the backbone of Robotech Master life including its leadership

Bioroid Terminator - in the days when the Zentraedi were loyal to the Robotech Masters, the Bioroid Terminators acted more as a police force. However as the Zentraedi became independent from the Robotech Masters, the Bioroid Terminators began to take on more of a military role out of necessity. Oftern attacking on hover craft in groups of 3 to 5 with a blue leader and red troopers the Bioroid terminators serve the interests of the Robotech Masters throughout their empire.

Invid - one of the most feared races in the Universe. Originally a primitive slug like race but transformed into a modern military machine via technology derived from the study of their own Invid Flower of Life. The Invid seek to conquer the universe and take revenge on the Robotech Masters for their theft of the Invid Flower of Life's secret in the beginnng.

Invid Queen Regiss - Queen of the Invid, whom evolved her body via the Invid Flower of life and who's views and purposes often differ from her husband the king of the Invid.

Invid King Regent - King of the Invid, with a slug like appearance and a merciless attitude he leads their conquests throughout the universe

Invid Shock Troopers - Giant purple robotic mecha powered by the Invid flower of life and who can detect even the slightest traces of it or derived protoculture. They track protoculture like dog's can track prey by scent. Heavily armored and capable of flight as well as ground based attacks.

RDF - Acronym for the Robotech Defense Force which is a worldwide human founded research, development and miltary force in charge of defending the planet from any potental invaders. Formed after the crash landing of an alien vessel on the Earth which galvanized the nation's of the Earth to unity and mutual defense from the unknown source of the amazing technology that crashlanded on Earth's doorstep.

SDF-1 - Term for the Super Dimensional Fortress one which was an alien vessel which crashlanded on the Earth and was repaired to serve human aims. Originally capable of folding space for rapid transport anywhere in the Universe. Large, capable of supporting a modern city of people. The SDF-1 served as the guardian of the Earth durng the first Robotech War.

SDF-1 Modular Transformation - a means of modularly reconfigurng the SDF-1 space vessel to allow for the firing of its main guns. Damage to the ship early on made this innovative method the only way of firing the main guns of the vessel. The modular transformation alters the apperance of the SDF-1 from a space vessel to more of a bipedal robot "shouldering" two massive guns.

SDF-3 - Vessel inspired by the SDF-1 and built after the destruction of the SDF-1 for the purpose of seeking out the source of Robotechnology, the Robotech Masters in an effort to ensure continual peace for the Earth. The vessel illustrates the meaning of gunboat diplomacy quite effectively.

Tirol - home planet of the Robotech Masters

The Sentinels - a group of diverse Alien races encountered by the Robotech Defense Force during their journey to reach the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Much of the Sentinel races are already enslaved by Invid occupation troops.


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