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Robotech is an animated saga of 85 half hour episodes which originally aired in various syndicated televison markets from 1985 to 1986 in the US. Robotech is composed of three completely unrelated television cartoons from Japan from the 80's which were edited and dubbed together into a single saga called Robotech. The first 36 episodes of the Robotech saga were derived from the Macross saga from Japan and are often referred to as the Macross Saga. The Macross Saga is by far the most popular part of Robotech. In Japan the Macross series inspired an animated movie Macross do you Remember Love, as well as the Macross 2 animated series, Macross 7 animated series, Macross Plus animated series, and Macross flashback animated music special. The Macross saga covers the first Robotech War which entails the occurences on Earth and in space that resulted from a crashed alien vessel, its repair, and an alien race's desire (the Zentraedi) to reobtain it. Music is a central theme of Macross and incredible vocal scores can be witnessed throughout the saga. Action, adventure, intrique, romance, and mystery are the hallmark of the Macross saga. Each of the 36 episodes of the Macross saga flows smoothly into the next one. From the early development of a new science "robotechnology" to the climatic battle for Earth's survival Macross really does embody the greatest elements that humanity can achieve.

The second chapter of the Robotech Saga entitled Robotech Masters was 24 episodes long and entails the adventures of the Earth after the first Robotech War which left it ravaged. The Robotech Masters, the original creators of the space vessel that crashed on the earth which began the first Robotech war come to reclaim it. Ironically as the Robotech Masters attempt to conquer and search for the signs of "protoculture" and the missing ship, the bulk of the Robotech Defense Forces are on a mission of diplomacy to the Robotech Masters homeworld. The Robotech Master chapter of Robotech is the least popular. An offspring resulting from the first interplanetary mating during the first Robotech war takes to a position of command among's Earth's defenders. Her name is Dana Sterling and she leads an infamous hovertank squadron during the saga. In the end she leads a succesful attack on the main command craft of the Robotech Masters and helps reclaim the Earth for the Robotech Defense Force once more.

The third chapter of the Robotech Saga is entitled The New Generation and was 25 episodes long. In this chapter of the Robotech saga the arch enemies of the Robotech Masters arrive on Earth in search of the Robotech Masters or any other new foe to conquer. They quickly overrun primitive Earth defenses and basically control the Planet. The invid flower of life is at the heart of all robotechnology and related sciences deployed by the Zentraedi, Robotech Masters, and Human RDF. Orginally the secret of the Invid Flower of life was stolen by the Robotech Master known as Zor Prime. The invid eventually mastered the use of this techonology as well and have dedicated their existance to universal control everywhere. The invid are ultmately defeated by a crashed RDF(Robotech Defense Forces) pilot from a failed attempt by robotech defense forces from space to reclaim the earth. This pilot Scott Bernard organizes a small band of fearless comrades and ultmately invades the Invid complexes on the ground. In a climatic battle, the remaning forces of the RDF return from space lead by Rick Hunter and an improved fighter virtually invisible to the Invid. The RDF reclaims the remnants of the Earth, and the Invid Queen leaves the Earth in purely energy driven form.

The Robotech Saga picks up with Robotech II the Sentinels which was to be about the RDF's attempts in space to reach the homeworld of the Robotech Masters on a mission of diplomacy. Characters from all three chapters of the Robotech saga are present in Robotech II. This was entirely made and commisionsed for the US market only. Only 3 episodes out of a planned 65 were made. These were edited into a single movie.

Robotech inspired a movie entitled "the Robotech Movie" this was in effect a translated and dubbed American release of the Japanese film Megazone 23 Part one. This was shown briefly in theaters but then largely just sold on video as Megazone 23 Part one. There were three Megazone movies, two of which were dubbed in English and released commercially.

Robotech and Macross are probably among the most enduring sagas of all time. Robotech related comic books have to date been published by five companies; Comico, Eternity, Academy, Blackthorne, Viz. In addition numerous unrelated companies have been involved in creating the various sequels/additions to the Macross saga in animated form. A series of Robotech related novels have also been made over the years.


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