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Back Up Props and Weapon Masters

Star Trek Back Up Weapons
Made for Possible Use But Ultimately Not Used on Screen
These props were made by Proper Effects or HMS along with the rest of the props that ultimately were screen used in the various Star Trek Productions. They were not made years after the originals were made or churned out from the original molds years later. These are backup props identical to screen used pieces that could have been used in a given production if necessary.
Voyager Backup Boomerang Phaser
with Depressable Trigger

Next Generation
Backup Season 7
Cobrahead Phaser

Deep Space Nine
Rubber Stunt Backup Bajoran Phaser

Next Generation Backup Cricket Phaser

Voyager Backup 29th Century Phaser

Prop Weapon "Master"

Vulcan/Ferengi Phaser

This is a hand crafted Vulcan phaser master that was used to make a mold that turned out Vulcan/Ferengi phasers that were used on Star Trek. This weapon was made in this color scheme and in a darker color scheme as a Ferengi weapon.

Cleopatra 2525 Backup and Unfinished Weapons

Backup Unpainted Large Rifle

Backup Unpainted Hand Held Gauntlet Blaster

Backup Unpainted Hand Held Gauntlet Blaster 2

Small Ray Gun

May be screen used, an unifinished backup, or a prototype.

Backup Non Screen Used Gun

Backup Black Gauntlet Gun

Small Soldiers

Weapons below were made for Small Soldiers the movie. I believe they are of a type made for promotional purposes and used by actors who toured to promote the movie but I am not sure. The production was largely 3-D animation but its possible this design was made as a possible prop to use by live action actors before it was decided to go more the 3D route..

Prop Pistol

Prop Grenade

Promotional Parade Picture


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