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It does seem a silly question but just what does a person collect from the movies and Television shows they cherish. Of course a person collects what he or she wants. But will the person specialize and just collect items from one TV show or Movie or will they try to have one piece from each Movie or Television show they enjoyed. Does a person collect just certain types of items or does he collect just things from certain genres? There are many ways to go about collecting. When a person enters this hobby for the first time with an initial purchase just where will his path of collecting lead him? A person can collect just items worn or used by their favorite stars regardless of how ordinary they appear. Also a person can collect unique items and truly special one of a kind pieces regardless of if a star used them or not. The market for original screen used items grows rapidly with each passing year. Where once there were just a few big items sold and desired, now items big or small, significant or not are showing up for sale and being sold. With the explosion in demand brought a realization of value by others and an increasing supply of affordable items.What once was thrown away is now offered up for sale.Now anyone can own a small piece of the latest blockbuster or former epic.

Collecting By Item Type

Many specialize in collecting just Sci-Fi Weapons or Sci-Fi ships. This is a unique way to go about collecting and to some degree most serious collectors give their collections some sort of specialization along these lines. Also hats, posters, facial appliances, and costumes are ways to collect by item type. A person may collect ordinary movie posters and find that posters used in movies are an interesting thing to add to their collections. An item seen by millions is more desireable than one of many ordinary movie posters or other such things made. And such is the way of screen used items.

Collecting By Genre

A person can collect by genre too. A person can collect just Sci-Fi items or Horror items. Or a person can collect items from productions depicting certain points in history. A person can collect pieces of dramatic productions that brought tears or thought. Things can be collected from productions bringing one together with family or friends or that just brought laughter and joy into the nature of life as one perceives it. There are many possibilties.

Collecting from a Particular Movie or Television Show

This is a way to hold on to that special movie or television show like few else in the world ever can. When you collect the items used in a single production you will gain insight into the nature of the production and the nature of the personalities involved like no other collecting endeaver can ever bring you. Instead of just seeing the items on the silver screen or the small screen at home one can hold them and know what they are like and how they were made. An item can be made or mere resin or rubber. But when made and given the defining moments of heros and villians, that item can transform worlds and influenece the poltical, social, and even sense of purpose of millions around the world. As we look back on life Captain Kirk with his phaser and Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber have proven to be heros of many growing up. To hold a piece of a living icon in your hand, and hold the things that heros and villians held and were forged from when we were younger is truly powerful.

Collecting By Actor or Personality

People have always wanted to touch the heros of their lives. The heros they may find in the world striving for what is right as well as the heros of fantasy which often bring a sense of hope as well as entertainment to everyone. The silver screen as well as the small screen at home affords us many heros and many villians. To own an item held, or worn by the characters we look up to or despise is quite interesting to experience. Few collect solely things used by a single actor or personality though. Its hard to limit oneself to things of just one hero I suppose.


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