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Collection Pictures

Below are pictures of a freestanding display case I have with glass shelves on two sides. I got it from a store going out of business. They accidentally gave me extra shelves so I mounted those on the wall for my Cleo weapons. In the first overall shot you can see a rifle from Masters of the Universe, some clubs from Xena, an Ak-47 from Red Dawn, and a big Chig rifle setting on the floor from Space Above and Beyond among other items.


A closeup picture of my gun from Robocop the TV series, and the "Hawk" gun used by the main character in the 84 movie Ice Pirates.




A close up picture of a mask based off a paintball mask used in Robocop Prime Directives.


Below are a broken Resin Xena sword, a dagger used by the archangel Michael in Xena, and a knife used by Sully on Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.


Below are two overall shots of the case showing its position relative to other things in the room. A replica Terminator Endoskeleton sits in the corner nearby on one side and a screen used Beneath the Planet of the Apes costume on the other side.




The pinkish puple and red gun is from Beetleborgs. The show featured US and Japanese footage mixed together. The Japanese footage had grayish guns and the US footage had this purplish red type gun.


Below are pictures of A Platoon grenade and a Suburban Commando Hulk Hogan hero gun. It glows a bit when turned on. Didn't find the on switch for a while.


Below are pictures of a hero global communication device from Earth Final Conflict, business cards from Terminator 3, and a force lance from Andromeda.


A picture of a glue container from the American pie Series of movies. I also have some hair from the shaving scene also.


The top row features Power Ranger weapons most obtained from the propmaster and a mutagen container from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.


Below are guns used by Chuck Norris on Walker Texas Ranger. The Semi Automatic pistol was used by Chuck Norris and his stunt double. They shared the guns.


A picture of Chuck Norris and his stunt double Ron Norris (not related)


A picture of a building miniature segment from Battlefield Earth.


Another overall shot of the display case.


The big launcher type gun is from Terminator 2. It was a tear gas launcher used by Arnold. Its made from a modified flare gun. The movie also used a working tear gas launcher, and a rubber stunt version. I used penny rolls to keep it in position as it tends to want to roll.


A Suburban Commando freeze gun used by Hulk Hogan's character. Very nice of metal.


Another overall shot of the display case.


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