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Collection Pictures

Below is an overview picture of my wall section with Trek Weapons and the items around it.


On top of my Trek wall display is a screen used stop motion Tunneler puppet from Retro Puppetmaster. Next to it is a rubber T-1000 "pretzel man" used in the dramatic ending of Terminator 2 where the T-1000 falls in the liquid metal and melts. Its head and arms have been removed. Next to it is a headless background stop motion puppet from Gary and Mike the tv series.

A close up of the Trek wall display shows a Spaceballs hero rifle on the left leaning against the wall and three rows of trek props. On the far right are all screen used Federation phaser props, in the middle are backup props and a weapon master. On the far left are all screen used alien weapons. The second gun is a Cardassian phaser that originally was painted. Traces of original paint remain. It was either damaged or stripped to be repainted and sent back to the set. On the far left is a screen used Federation Phaser rifle laying near a prop magazine from Evita. The rest of my larger scale screen used trek weapons such as my Klingon knife and disruptors are on the wooden display in my display room.

Below are close up pictures of various screen used phasers including a Dustbuster, Cricket, and Boomerang. Also below are close up shots of backup props.





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