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Collection Pictures

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In the corner I have a metal rack I salvaged from being thrown away. I put replica guns on it. The pieces on the floor include many guns from unknown productions.

Some nice Star Trek replica phasers including a few varieties of Cobrahead phasers.


An overall shot showing the replica wall gun display with a Beneath the Planet of the apes costume next to it with the Cleopatra 2525 display on wall peeks out next to it also.


Closeups of replica Cobrahead phasers including the laser pointer in the nice burgandy case. Screen used pieces never come packaged so nicely.


The first row in the picture has a replica gun from Blade 3, a replica Zat gun from Stargate SG-1, and an airsoft Robocop replica with scope. Next row a replica classic Battlestar Colonial Warrior blaster, replica Blade Runner gun, and replica Otherworld pistol. I couldnt' believe someone made a replica of the Otherworld gun so I just got it. The third row has more replica Star Trek phasers including ones from the motion picture, the Assault Phaser from Star Trek V. and a replica Phaser from Star Trek III.


An overall shot of the replica gun rack.



Laying on the floor next to the rack are a replica Klinon Disrutptor hand carved from wood, and a large oversize V visitor laser pistol.



A closeup of a Stargate Sg-1 Zat gun.



A picture of my Screen Used Beneath the Planet of the Apes Gorilla costume that stands besides the replica wall rack.

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