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Costumes and Accesories



Beneath the Planet of the Apes

V TV Series Robocop Movie

Robocop Prime Directives

Rocky IV

Russian Boxing Trunks

Made for Dolph Lundgren in the fight scenes against Apollo Creed. Apollo Creed's death in the ring is what prompted Rocky to fight the Russian fighter in Russia. This may be a prototype or a variation that was screen used.


Robe made for Rocky IV but unused in the production.

Blade 2 Screen Used Priest Blood Pack Costume

Battlefield Earth


Johnnies Overalls

Chrissie's Military Outfit

Chrissie's Primitive Outfit


Robert the Fox

Man Animal Military Costume

Mickey Double Costume

Child Tribal Costume

Psychlo Costumes

Vanessa With Boots

Kelly Preston
Travolta's Wife

Complete Guard Costume

Other Costumes

Travolta Test Jacket

Ker Prototype Outfit

Ker Stunt Pants

The other two Psychlo Female Costumes


Fat Guard pants and Overcoat



Ares Complete Costume


Archangel Michael

No picture of costume but its very similar to the Lucifer costume.


Amazon Warrior 1

Amazon Warrior 2

Gabby Backup

No picture but features green top skirt, no belt. Worn by a stunt double or an extra costume set.

Xena 3 piece Outfit Minor Character


War Movies

Red Dawn

Rambo III

We Were Soldiers

Police Academy


Debbie Costume Identical to Hooks one at Left below is a picture of Debbie with a shirt just like the one I own





Married with Children

*Peg Bundy Night Gown Not Pictured

Al Bundy Wardrobe

True Lies Arnold Schwarzenegger Screen Worn Pants

Custom Made Dark Navy Blue pin striped trousers (35). The pants have a waist label  with "A S" & his waist size written in pen.  Black suede reinforcements are sewn to the crotch & thighs. These were added  for the horse back riding scenes

Saving Silverman Nipple Electricution Outfit

Same as in picture above.White button up shirt with pants worn by Silverman in the infamous nipple electricution scene. Shirt has simulated burn marks around the nipples and is distressed.

Shirt, pants, and belt worn by the lead character in the scene where electrodes are attched to his nipples to administer a shock when he refers to his new girlfriend by the name of his old girlfriend. Silverman's friend sets up the device as a punishment tool to try to condition Silverman. The device goes crazy and catches the Silverman's shirt on fire. Shirt features distress around the nipple area from this scene and can clearly be matched up on screen as Silverman walks outside of the restaurant. This shirt with its nipple area damage is the most recognizeable from the film and is used in the film's most memorable scenes.

Other Items


Space Above and Beyond


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