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IRC - an abbeviation for internet relay chat a popular form of internet chat that involves in essence text only chat which updates in an almost real time fashion and that requires a specific stand alone irc browser. IRC allows one to participate in conversation among varous irc server groups which have thousands of users online to talk with and thousands of diverse channels to talk in. download site for mirc the most popular irc browser, runs only on PC's download and information site for ircle the most popular irc client for the Mac another irc client for the Mac pirch another popular irc client only for Windows 95/98 and NT platforms

FTP - an abbreviaton for File Transfer Protocol which is used most often in file uploads to webpages or to other FTP servers WS_FTP client homepage

Software Compression Tools download site for winzip a popular shareware software compression tool which reduces file sizes

E-mail Clients - description and download information on just about all e-mail programs, including shareware,freeware, and commercial. Includes descriptions of programs to collect e-mail addresses from newsgroups. - news about advances in e-mail technologies, clients, and other e-mail related information. Quite unique.

Internet Phone Software - homepage of the makers of the internet phone like of software, current release is 5.0 -Yahoo's interenet phone software directory

Internet Browsers - descriptions and download information on almost all browsers even the extremely obscure - netscape navigator homepage - internet explorer homepage -Yahoo's internet browser directory browser information page browser information page - web browser frequently asked questions

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