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General Sites the movie review query engine which is a searchable database of thousands of external movie reviews about thousands of movies the movie review search engine primarily movie reviews of new movies from a unique enthusiastic point of view, rather than the usual review it just to review it attitude so prevalent by large movie review sites reviews of many new movies with previews Roger Ebert movie reviews movie reviews and movie trailers selective movie reviews with a most interesting personal style box office reports, trailers, and release dates reviews of new movies and info about movies coming soon site with user submitted reviews by netsurfers, pays $5 for reviews published on the site reviews new movies, also has user submitted reviews for some movies movie reviews listed alphabatetically with summary reviews

Review Sites Female Focused reviews of movies by women from a female perspective more or less

Reviews sites for "guys"

Reviews by many editors or "professionals" reviews of movies done by one of five reviewers. Includes letter ratings for movies. reviews of movies by a team of professional editors the Tuesday Night Movie Club site entailing reviews and ratings for movies seen by a group of movie fans

Reviews by one person from personal perspective Roger Ebert movie reviews Movie Reviews by James Bernardinelli's, a reviewer famous for posting multitudes of quality reviews to newsgroups. reviews of mainly new movies, titles reviewed are all listed on one page reviews of more recent movies, titles reviewed are listed together on a single page reviews of mainly new movies by month released, Motion Picture Rating (R, PG-13) and title. reviews of recent movies by Ross Anthony movie reviews by Patrick McCoy reviews by Joe Barlow, also includes cinema news over a thousand reviews by Andrew Hicks from a unique comical perspective movie reviews and film analysis by Anthony Leong featuring articles covering new releases and foreign films Reviews of movies by Emily Blunt Reviews of more than 100 personal movie favorites by Charles McColm Personal Dutch movie review site focusing on new movies as well as the author's personal favorites reviews from the perspective of a 13 year old

Reviews by a pair of people reviews of recent movies by two guys, reviews focus on intersting aspects of films rather than on detailed sumarries of the plots. Reviews are with passion on occasion. reviews of recent movies by two college students

Themed Reviews British movie review site. Includes Filmmaking and interviews. Movie reviews from more of a cultural perspective horror and supernatural based movie reviews married couple reviews films reviews meant to help parents determine the suitability of films for children - movie reviews aimed at helping parents determine suitable films for children movie reviews from a teen perspective reviews of current movies by Australians Australian site mainly reviews new movies - reviews of movies from a Canadian perspective brief reviews of movies with ratings movie reviews by genre includes new reviews reviews of movie by genre such as chick flicks, and Science Fiction reviews by the average "joe blo" that attempts to tell moviegoers what they really wish to know about movies review site which focuses on the use of masks in movies reviews obscure and seldom seen movies based on their themed attributes

Miscellaneous - reviews of movies new to the theator, newly released on video, and classic movies like Conan reviews often overlooked quality movies from the present and past - review site of "Mr Cranky" a caricature invented by a corporate owned review site. No external links, but site appears like any typical passion driven review site by an individual. - focuses on new movies primarily reviews of new movies, previews, box office information review site for new movies, creative claims its spelling mistakes are due to too much coffee, with an inventive frequently asked question list reviews of movies from 97 to present reviews of movies, totals for highest grossing movies of all time movie reviews listed alphabetically, focus on new movies reviews of mainly new movies reviews of movies from 92 to present grouped by year and rating coverage of a few recent movies reviews laser discs, DVD's; primarily criterion series DVD's

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