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CTM Phonecard Homepage - Collector's Club, Mail List, Trading, Phonecard Gallery and more.
Greater Toronto Phonecard Club - Canadian club for phonecard collectors. Make new contacts to trade & share information.
NTC Homepage - Netherland phonecard collectors' Club.


Acme Telecards, Inc. - Offers a wide variety of phonecards for purchase.
American Telecom's Phonecards On-Line Store - Phonecard store with thousands of cards, many of them with images of the cards.
Captain Munchies of Fremantle - Australian site that offers Captain Munchies Phonecards. Many of the phonecards also feature the Coca-Cola logo.
The Card Mall - Sports, non-sports, and phone card collecting. Dozens of Collectibles Dealers, Contests, Freebies, Prizes, great things, hobby information and more.
Elephant Cards - Russian and Ex-USSR phonecards On-Lne Shop and Catalogue.
Eyer's World for Phone Card Collectors. - Offers U.S. and foreign Phone card. Pricelists, auctions, FAQ's, and Personal help.
Future Call - Official Star Trek Phone Cards.
Hickleys Cards - Phonecards and Collectables include Marilyn Monroe, Star Wars, X-files, Movies, Disney, Star Trek, Titanic, Comics, Cartoons and more.
JDL Holdings - New Zealand award winning phonecards featuring Disney, Looney Tunes, Winnie the Pooh, Coke, McDonalds, animals, and puzzles.
KARS Unlimited - Offers large selection of Phonecards, Smart Cards and a variety of services for the collectors worldwide. LA Phone Cards for Collectors - Offers a wide assortment of Phone cards.
Phone Card Connection - Phone Cards and other Collectible Cash Cards.
Phonecard Central - Sports, non-sports, phone card collecting. Dozens of Collectibles Dealers.
Phonecard Services, Ltd - Providing International Charges & Savings. Translation for Japan, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Spanish and more. Offers a Phone Card Collector's Corner.
Powell PM Cards - Offers a nice assortment of Phonecards for sale.
Sears Phone Card Department - The World's most comprehensive retail pricelist of USA phonecards for collectors.
Sirius Phonecards - Specializes in Telephone cards and value cards worldwide.
The Phonecard Shop - Phonecards for sale or swap: full illustrated list with about 1,000 telephone cards from all over the world.
JFS Moneycards - Site offers a large variety of phonecards and stored value cards.

Collector Sites/Information Pages

Art Becker's Telephone & Debit Card Journal - Art Becker's newsletter about collecting telephone, Visa Cash, Mobil GO, phonecard, debit and other prepaid cards, plus casino slot club cards. Mail bid sales.
Collection de TÚlÚcartes of Phonecards - Site offers images of phonecard collection and cards to trade.
Collector's Card Exchange - Sport & Non-Sport Trading Cards and Phonecards.
House O' Cards - View collector's Phone Card collection from around the world. Offers cards for sale or trade.
Internet Phonecard Trading Page - Locate collectors worldwide to trade or sell phonecards with.
Jemy's Phone Card Lists - Images of collectors Butterfly Phone Cards from around the world.
KW-TCI Telephone Card Info - Well structured information about telephone cards world wide.
Moneycards On-Line Magazine - Source for information regarding collecting phone cards, SVC's and other debit cards and information regarding the industry.
Penny's Place Phone Cards - Shows images from Phone Card Collection and offers a selection of Phone Cards For Sale. Includes Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Disney, Batman, Marilyn Monroe, and more.
Telephone Cards Virtual Gallery - Site offers worldwide phonecard information and a collection of images.
Worldwide Phonecard Database - Site offers news for phonecard collecting worldwide. Chat, trade, win free cards.

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