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Pillsbury Doughboy Screen Used Head and Made for Production Metal Skeleton, Hat is a Replica

This is a screen used Pillsbury Doughboy head from the 1991-1992 advertising season. It is mounted on a backup unused metal stop motion skeleton. The hat is a replica and made just to complete the display. Several different style heads with various facial expressions have been used with this type of Doughboy Metal skeleton armature. The head has a hole in it and is mounted to the skeleton via a metal post. If this metal skeleton was to be used it would have been placed in a mold and the rubber foam body would attach to the skeleton. It then would be painted and poseable via the skeleton underneath. This skeleton was not used and is a backup copy as many would be broken during filming of the commercials and extras would be needed.

The Pillsbury Doughboy is an advertising icon. One of the most recognizeable in the world. On varous Pillsbury products this mascot is still used to promote the company and its products. The Doughboy is now animated via computer graphics for all commercials so relics such as this stop motion Doughboy are a thing of history now.

Close Up Picture of the Backup Unused Metal Skeleton

Close Up Pictures of the Head

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