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Star Trek the Next Generation Klingon D'K Tahg Prop Metal Knife

This is a Klingon D'K Tahg knife used in Star Trek the Next Generation. This style was also used in the movie Star Trek Generations. A similar style Klingon knife was used in Star Trek III but it has some differences in coloring, size, and shape. This knife is constructed of a resin handle with a custom made primary blade of Aluminum and secondary side blades of aluminum as well. The side blades do not pop out. The handle features spikes on the end, a few of which have broke off on this particular prop. The P16 marked on the prop was used to keep track of it for prop inventory purposes during its use in the Star Trek saga.

In addition to hero style metal knives such as this one rubber ones were also used.

Screen Caps

Known Replicas

The Phoenix Knife which is a knockoff version of this knife put out by United Cutlery

A resin cast replica kit version

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