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V Series Screen Used Visitor Painted Facial Appliance

Painted facial appliance used in the "V" tv series by the reptilian like invaders known as the visitors. This one has a painted eye rather than using contact lenses as were used in the facial appliances of the first V mini series and second V mini series. On the left is a recent picture of the appliance as it exists today. On the right is a picture taken years ago by the original owner. Latex and foam rubber appliances harden and change colors somewhat with time. The pupil appears different in the two pictures due to lighting.

V Series Unpainted Visitor Facial Appliance Signed by Frank Ashmore

Unpainted visitor facial appliance. This is an unpainted and unused version of the classic reptilian facial appliance used by the Visitors in the V series. This is of the style that would have been used in the tv series. This is signed by Frank Ashmore who played the visitor officer Martin in the first V mini series as well as the second V mini series. Frank Ashmore also played the character Phillip in the subsequent V television series.


V Series Screen Used Visitor Painted Skin Patch

Painted skin patch worn on the body during the V saga by one of the Reptilian invaders known as the visitors. Probably worn on the arm or leg.

Battlefield Earth Psychlo Mask and Wig

This is a mask and wig worn by one of the Alien Psychlo guards in battlefield Earth. The eyes are cut out so one can see out. Inside a halloween syle mask with a cheap elastic band is attached to the custom made latex rubber mask to allow the mask to stay on the user's face. The whig is made of a lot of hair and sits onto ones head to help give the illusion of a larger head and forehead.

Alien Nation Mask

Alien Nation mask worn by stunt people and background characters. Handpainted and incredibly lifelike. Zippers up the back. When wearing the mask only 2 small slits at the eyebrow area and small holes in the nose area allow one to see out.


Babylon 5 Narn Background Mask

*Picture is from seller Gothicacity and is a representative picture. Mine is not the one pictured.


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