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Starship Troopers morita rifle is a modified mini 14 rifle with a fiberglass piece/case affixed on it

Lost In Space Season 1 laser pistol (the one Icons replicated) is a modifed remco toy pistol

Robocop's gun (BFG-1) is a modified Beretta m93-R with a fiberglass barrel extension and additional minor aesthetic modification. The Beretta M-93R is a unique pistol in that it has a trigger area unusually large for a pistol and that it can be affixed with an optional shoulder strap. Visit this sites Robocop Pages for more info on the gun

Blade Runner Decker's Gun was made from a modified sawed off rifle, more info at

Chewbacca's Laser Crossbow And Other non light saber Star Wars weapons are almost all modified commercially available weapons. Visit for more info about the weapons that were modified for use in Star Wars.

The Terminator's infamous 45 long slide pistol actually included a custom made scope which did not even function well.

Aliens Pulserifle modified Thompson machine gun

Alien 4 auroga pistol was made by modifyng an unknown pistol most like a beretta model of some sort.

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