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Newsletter #1 April 5, 1999
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Movieprop Newsletter #1 April 5, 1999

In this issue:

*Flash Gordan Grenade first $300 then $350 now $2250

*Starwares featured on national television show

*Original V costume featured briefly on a recent saved by the bell the new class episode

*Robotech/V toy gun first its a toy, then its a stunt V weapon, but really it was considered for use in the masters of the universe movie.

*Heather Holmberg auction is now real time on the internet current auction ends Thursday April 8th

* site progress

The dealer through a rather interesting mode of reasoning actually increases the price on some of their items for sale when they fail to sale. A hawkman grenade used in the Flash Gordan movie is initially for sale for $300 then a few months later I am told new information about the props rarety has been uncovered so the price will be $350 soon. I found increasing the price of something that is not selling baffling even then. But recently they have increased the price all the way to $2250 as listed on their website. Now according to them only 1 exists and this makes it all the more valuable hence the need to adjust the price. Is this reasoning not baffling?

Starwares on Main was recently featured on a national television show in the US. I saw them briefly on a morning television show I forget which but something like leeza, or maury povich. I could recognize who they were just by their items and pricing structure even before they said on the show that they were starwares on main. Several items they have for sale were featured including a hero planet of the apes gorilla soldier costume and several other uninteresting celebrity clothing items all at quite inflated prices. The planet of the apes costume was $5500 quite high considering the same thing is available from for 3250 to 3500. Starwares is always one for lack of organization.First about a year ago I inquired about receiving a list of what they have for sale via e-mail as I did not wish to purchase their catalog for $5. They tell me they are working on that. Then months later I see an ad in collecting magazing saying to inquire about their free catalog, of course I asked for this and I got it. So the catalog is $5 then a few months later its free and now it appear to be $5 again. The picture quality in the catalog is quite atttrocious as well.

An original V technician costume was featured on Saved by the bell the new class a few weeks back and worn by a principal character. It was featured in a scene in which a movietheater was having a policy of letting people in free who were in costume. While looking very closely at it I could make out the hint of intricate details found on the original jumpsuit underneath so even from the limited view I had I would say it was an original perhaps left over from the production. This is just one of many cases of V being mentioned indirectly in television in the last year. A caroline in the city episode once featured in the background a sci fi collector with several V ships on display (not sure if original or replica as I did not see the episode). In addition the next to last episode of Family Matters featured the character Myra in a visitor costume from V. I am not sure if this was original or not as I did not see it but have confirmation from multiple sources as to its inclusion in the show.

Robotech/V toy rifle viewable at

In the past some have spread the idea that these toy rifles were originally background rifles on V. Dealers on ebay did this and several began to believe this. But there was some truth to this "toy is a prop weapon" story. Apparently these rifles were bought in quanity by laird studios and some were modified and painted up as they were considered for use as primary weapons in the masters of the universe movie. Nonetheless these are quite impressive toy weapons, among the finest toy rifles ever made. Only the Johnny 7 that very few remember from 1964 is better. You can purchase the robotech/V toy rifle for $75 from me. If interested e-mail.

Heather Holmberg's Auction recently has adopted a real time online mode of bidding as opposed to the bid submission processs by fax, e-mail,phone, or in writing. Their current auction ends April 8th and does not seem to have the quality of items that bidders are usually accustomed to. site progress

Some of you have noticed that the current propworld page hosted at uncg is not being updated as often as it used to be. This is because all efforts and attention are being put into developing new interface and new content for which will be propworld's future permanent home. Limits in diskspace and inability to be indexed by search engines are just some of the reasons for the move. Progress is being made as much as possible towards launching the site soon. The site will be far far more expanded than the current site. The site will basically be divided into 5 sections; prop and costume collecting, production resources, tv and movie pages, V pages, Crawldaddy which will be an expanded link list/categorical index of the web, and other interests.


Travel guide to museums, walk in stores, planet hollywoods, hard rock cafe's and more

Dealer guide with contact info

online sci-fi tv weapons popularity survey

chat room and message board

In addition a small price guide by production, auction or seller and item type will be launched with the new site in limited form.


Robocop pages

Aliens movie pages

and more


makeup resources for productoin is nearly complete and quite elaborate

***Hopefully will be launched soon. I appreciate your patience on this matter.***



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