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In this Issue:



Starwares moves to its own domain.

Newline cinema starts its own online auctions of production used items

Apemania is granted a license to produce Planet of the Apes Gorilla bust replicas

New Dealers and


*New Site Additions** launches anime and manga section with detailed coverage of the Macross/Robotech saga launches Rocky movie pages

Alien Nation Pages updated

Additional prop and costume collecting related message boards have been found


*Planned Future Site Additons/Updates

The Legacy of Video Games; historical, cultural, and corporate. Initial Focus on the history of Atari in all its various forms over the years.

Production resources section redesign and new material

Prop and Costume Collecing section work in progress



Starwares just recently moved to its own web domain which is Starwares is probably among the top 4 dealers of production used hollywood memorablia including such dealers as,, and Their online site is world's better than their previous elementary student quality printed guide with a print quality that truly had to be seen to be believed. Their previous website was never updated. With the new domain, the company appears to be taking mail order business and particularly internet based business a bit more seriously.

Newline cinema recenly began offering merchandise used in their productions in their own in house on-line auctions at Their auctions are periodical and in one of their past auctions items from Auston Powers were sold including one of the cars from the movie. is preparing to roll out a line of licensed Planet of the Apes merchandise including Gorilla busts, lifesize Gorilla statues, manequins, weapons and more Visit their site at for more info

A new "prop" dealer site called the propstore at has recently been launched.The site is updated regularly as new items become available for sale. The site's owner Stephen uses e-mail messages to effectively keep one updated as to the latest things his site has available for sale. the website of thats a wrap production has just recently been added to's index of prop and costume colleciting dealers. The company primarily sells inexpensive wardrobe items from movies and television shows that could be classifed as an assortment of items worn by bit part characters.


*New Site Additions* has launced a new site section; anime and manga. Anime and Manga refer to comic books and animation of a Japanese origin. The section highlights the Robotech/Macross related sagas that are truly among the finest human tales ever conceived. Robotech is not a very well known animated TV saga but it has inspired much fanfare and enthusiasm for almost all that have seen it. Robotech was a seamless blending together of three unrelated animated TV shows into a single epic tale. Incredible editing and creative skill was required to do this. A robotech movie also was considered in 1985 and it too would have been composed of much editing and compiling. Robotech really does illustrate the art of fine film editing to a tea. In Macross or the first part of the Robotech saga an alien vessel crahslands on the Earth bringing a common union of all man forged in fear of future alien attack. And the aliens do come, as giants known as the Zentraedi, built as clones, and forged for war.

Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies serves as more than just the proverbial sweat and grunt fighter. In's Rocky pages at detailed coverage of the Rocky saga, songs, and the legend is presented. Rocky was a film written by Sylvester Stalone in which he insisted on starring in even though he was offered more money for just the script leaving another actor playing the lead role. This gamble of insisting on starring in the movie himself launched his career and launched a legend.

Alien Nation pages have been updated with info about licensed and unlicensed merchandise, movie summaries and more

Additional prop and costume related message boards have been found since the last newsletter and added. Messagboads have info about Icons, scale model building, and other replica resources. Visit


*Planned future site Additions (in development/in progress now)

A video game section is being developed which will entail the history of video games from it's early peaceful roots to the bitter corporate rivalries, patent violations, and anti-trust litigation that followed. The section will emphasis the home console based video game systems of the 1970's 1980's, and 90's, as well as the companies behind these technologies.

The Production resources section of is being redesigned with new content planned

The Prop and Costume Collecting sections of are being redesigned. Also extensive price guide related information based on all major past prop related auctions is being developed.


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