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Paper Props




*The items below are all screen used or backup items and were used during filming or made for production use.

Terminator 3 Claire Danes Prop Veternarian Assistant Cards and Stationary

Cruel Intentions Prop Sebastian Journal

13 Going on 30 Prop Poise Magazine Cover Poster

Evita Screen Used Prop Time Magazine

Dinosaurs TV Show Items

Dad's Parenting License Screen Used

Dinosaurs TV Show Family Photos from the Dad's Wallet

Robocop 3 Props

Various prop items from Robocop 3 including an id tag, an OCP police patch, and a Security Concepts wall sticker.

Security Concepts was the division of OCP that in the movie made Robocop. The sticker was meant to be displayed on walls throughout the various OCP set complexes that made up the Robocop 3 set. This is unused but made for the production. It is exceedingly rare.

The OCP Detroit Police Patch was worn on the costumes of the police officers in Robocop 3.

The ID tag was used by police officer Inspector Anderson in Robocop 3 and features his photo, the OCP Detroit Police Insignia, his signature, his blood type, and a thumb print on the back.

Back Up Posters and Paper Items

The Hard Way Poster

Primary Colors Poster

Tales from the Crypt Comic Cover

V Visitor Propaganda Poster

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