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1:1 Reproduction - a replica item often a ship or weapon that is of exact scale to the original. The item could be reproduced with the aid of original studio molds. The item also could be reproduced just with the aid of reference photos of originals or with access to an original. A mold could be created using an original studio item and this mold could be used to then produce 1:1 scale reproductions.

White Body Armor -a term referring to unlicensed reproduction wearable Storm Trooper armor that is meant to help avoid copyright infringement

Dark Lord Armor - a term referring to unlicensed reproduction wearable Darth Vader armor that is meant to help avoid copyright infringement

Hero Prop - a prop often a weapon shown up close and of high quality. Typically used by stars and not in dangerous stunts. Often including working electronics.

Working Prop - this does not refer to a weapon that merely is not broken. Rather it refers to a prop item, often a weapon that has working electronics that either allows the piece to light up or perform some other such feat.

Rubber Dummy/Stunt Weapon - a weapon or prop created for use in stunt scenes and usually made of rubber. For example rubber guns and rubber swords are used in scenes where the use of real weapons would prove to be too dangerous. Often such props are seen only from a distance. Early stunt movie swords were made of wood but now most are made of rubber.

Backup prop or costume- a costume or prop of which many are made and that can be used in case of damage or need during a production but ultimately isn't. This is identical in every way to a screen featured prop but just wasn't used on screen.

As Used in Production Prop - a type of phrase Planet Hollywood uses to describe screen worn items

Like Used in Production Prop - a clever type of phrase Planet Hollywood uses to describe replicas or backup props.

Certificate of Authenticity- a term for a document that attempts to attest to a prop items history and authenticity. Such a document is no better than the reputation of the issuing agent however. Some companies issue Certificates of Authenticity that grant money back guarantees if at any point an item is proven to not be authentic. These documents certify authenticity like no other can. Short of this sort of documentation, a document issued by a person in the movie or television industy or who has a long history of reliability is a Certificate that matters. Sometimes studios themselves issue Certicates of Authenticty with items they sell at auctions or elsewhere.

Resin - a type of material used in the construction of many custom made original props as well as in the construction of one piece cheap casts of such things.

Pull - a replica of an original prop item that is created directly from the original studio molds

Icons - a word referring to the Icons company that makes licensed replicas of a variety of sci-fi and fantasy props

Don Post - a term referring to the Don Post Costume company which made most of the original costumes for the Star Wars trilogy. They have produced a variety of licensed versions of Star Wars helmets and masks over the years and are famous for them.

Mold - an apparatus piece from which prop pieces can be made by adding resin or the appropriate material

Cast - a prop produced through the assistance of a mold

Prop Master - a person in charge of keeping track of the props of a production as well as often obtaining or purchasing them

Sci-Fi Hollywood - a term referring to the former website which had on display the largest collection of Sci-Fi props, ships, and weapons in the world with many pieces for sale.

Ebay - a term referring to the online auction site

Storyboard - a drawing used in the design of scenes to help visualize how things will be

Matte Painting - a large painting used to depict backgrounds too costly to create or find. Matte paintings give a scene the illusion of certain settings or size.

Richard Coyle - famed prop maker who turned his talents toward creating reproductions of famous props from Star Trek and other productions. Sued by Paramount for replicating prop items without a license. He won the case. His level of replication serves almost as the standard for the industry in the prop items he has replicated.


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