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Blue Prints, Scripts, and Production Paperwork




Poster was made to promote the second V mini series which was being aired on NBC. Image quality is not that good. The picture has a really bad glare. The poster says "Trust Your Alien Friends" Beneath that it says V the Final battle and gives dates it will be on. This is the only one of this style promotional poster I have ever seen.

V Mothership Blueprint Used as Guide to help in creation of a Visitor Propaganda Poster and Poloaroid of the Final Painting used to make the Posters

Red Dawn Prototype Missile Launcher Blueprint

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This weapon blueprint was custom made by the MGM Art department to be used as a guide in creating weapons for Red Dawn. This particular missile launcher was ultimately not made for Red Dawn or used in the production. The document bears the title "Ten Soldiers" which was the original title that was planned for Red Dawn.

Autographs and Other Paper Items

Other Paper Items

Other World TV series Princess Metra Production Used Script

V the Final Battle Part 1 Production Used Script and Signed Cast Photo

Power Rangers scripts, signed photographs, call sheets, and cast memo

Battlefield Earth set used "Propmasters Bible"

Battlefield Earth production used set Dressing Guide

Copy of Propmasters Star Trek "Action Prop Lists" for Star Trek III and IV

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