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ORIGINAL PROP AND COSTUME COLLECTORS collector with Star Trek, Titantic, classic wardrobe items, Schwarznegger items, Sci-fi items, Horror items, and more, some for sale. a Germany based collector site featuring screen used items from Terminator, Blade, and other movie sagas. Also has items for sale or trade. website of a group of collectors specializing primarily in Back to the Future and Terminator items. They also sells things. the James Comisar collection focusing on screen used TV items and advertising items, very extensive collection. pictures and links to other sites about John Azarian's collection featuring items from Wonder Woman, Logans Run, 60's Batman series and other productions. features gallery of Horror items many of which can be bought. Features items from Friday the 13, Nightmare on Elmstreet and other famous Horror franchises. site of a collector from Japan in Japanese which features props from the Modern Star Trek Tv series including lots of screen used items including weapons, Padds, and wardrobe. collector with prop and costume items from Scream, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elmstreet, and other productions. UK based collector featuring items from modern Star Trek, Babylon 5, Resident Evil 2, and Xena, along with a collection of lifesize replica items. collector website focusing exclusively on screen used props and wardrobe items from the Mystery Men Movie. Features creative display ideas for wardrobe. collector from Germany featuring screen used items from Punisher, Blade 2, Blade Trinity, and Terminator 3. collector site featuring pictures and information about a screen used Battlestar Galactica Cylon and related prop weapons. (Seaquest and Star Trek Collector) (Battlestar Galactica collector) collector with authentic props from Return of the Jedi, Battlestar Galactica, Enemy Mine and other movies. Also has info about scale model making and a collection of replica props. Horror prop collector featuring items from the Nightmare on Elmstreet series, Gremlins, Halloween series, and other Horror films. collector with items from modern films such as Duplex, Bad Santa, and others. (Forest Ackerman's site) (James Bond replica and original prop collector) (Seaquest collector/museum) (Phantom prop collector) (Alien, Predator, Star Wars collector) (Horror and Sci Fi prop collector) large Starship Troopers screen used collection lots of information about Starship Troopers props via a private collector (Star Trek collector site featuring production sketches, and unique prop items) (Aliens collector site ) features screen used props from the Tick, Mantis and other obscure superheros as well as lots of replicas. Site features sound so perhaps wise to turn speakers off when viewing. large collector of Sci-fi and other prop items as well as toys features minor items from X-Men, American Pie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other productions. features pictures of screen used Star Wars props from various collections all on a single site.

Movie Prop Attitude - collector site featuring props from Horror films such as Gremlins and Critters.

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