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History of Prop Collecting

1970 MGM Studios has a major auction including many key pieces from Wizard of Oz. This was the first major auction of props/wardrobe items conducted by a major studio.

Elaine Vollmer starts a small store for selling movie wardrobe then known as The Retake Room and later renamed Studio Wardrobe. In 1996 the store is renamed ReelClothes and operates to this day.

Late 1980's Startifacts one of the early stores of celebrity wardrobe/movie props and costumes is started by Michael Kronick

1989 Starwares on Main is started by Marcia Tysseling, and her brother, John Tysseling. StarWares focuses on celebrity clothing screen used or not as well as props and costumes. The firm has more of a charity aspect when it comes to their dealing with ordinary celebrity owned items.

1991 The Its a Wrap Store is launched specializing in bulk wardrobe from movies. The owner used to work at The Retake Room before launching the Its a Wrap Store.

Starticles Started late 80's or early 90's in Canada.

1990's Auction houses such as Camden, Butterfield & Butterfield, R&R Enterprises, Heather Holmberg, and Profiles in History become a large auction source of props and costumes in addition to the occasional Sotheby's or Christies auction of this sort of thing.

Late 1990's New Primarily internet based sales venues begin to launch including PropStore of London 1998 and MovieBits which went online in 1998.

June 2001 and Later Its a Wrap along with Studios USA holds a massive auction of Xena wardrobe and props via Yahoo auctions. This is one of the first times that a major auction of in demand studio direct things after production is held directly online for anyone to bid on.

2001 Premiere Props begins to sell props from various Universal Studios and other productions direct to consumers via Ebay and Yahoo. Since then they have handled sales of props from Battlefield Earth, We Were Soldiers, Spiderman, The Grinch, Nutty Proffessor 2 and many others bringing props and wardrobe to the masses. related Merchandise All Prop and Costume Collecting Links Site Stats
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