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Prop Replica Collection

Blade Runner

Other World Zonetrooper Replica Gun

Star Wars Sandtrooper Heavy Blaster

V Original Mini-Series Cast

V the Final Battle Cast Working with Lights

Star Trek Replicas

*Not Listed Star Trek Next Generation cricket phaser, Star Trek V assault phaser, Voyager End Game phaser, Classic Star Trek Resin phaser, Star Trek III phaser, Star Trek Wrath of Khan phaser, and another different style cobrahead phaser with sound.

Next Gen Cobrahead Phaser Cast

Cobrahead Phaser Custom Design

Cobrahead Phaser Laser Pointer

Star Trek Cage Laser of Wood

Klingon Disruptor of Wood

Playmates Toys: Next Gen Cobrahead Phaser and Voyager/First Contact Boomerang Phaser

Other Replicas

Life Size Terminator Endoskeleton

Star Wars Sandtrooper Costume

Other Replicas With No Pictures

Large V Laser Pistol from England

V Skyfighter Made of Clay

Battlestar Galactica Original Warrior Blaster

Blade 3 Replica Hanibal's Pistol

Blade Runner Resin Cast Replica four barrel gun

Stargate SG-1 Resin Replica Zat Gun

Xena TV Series Replica Gabriel Costume

Terminator 2 Replica Endoskeleton Pieces

Replica Chewbacca Don Post Mask

Replica Visitor V Reptilian Mask