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Note: If you inquire about any product for sale from any of the sites I have linked to please tell that individual or company you heard of them through my link page. I am always interested in linking to interesting or related sites that link to me. If interested in such complimentary links or in banners please contact me.


Note: sites placed in all relevant sub directories,many sites listed multiple time on this page.

Note: licensed halloween style masks and mass produced licensed costumes will be added soon.

ALIENS AND PREDATOR (info of many places that sale Aliens replicas) (aliens grenade replicas and other for sale) (Predator throwing weapon replica for sale) (replica Predator skull for sale) (Aliens replica weapons and replica grenade for sale) (aliens replica pulse rifle in kit form and assembled for sale as well as licensed other things) (Aliens/Predator replica collector/information page) (manufacturer of licensed items)

Order The Making of Alien Resurrection Book from

BABYLON 5 (replica of Officers notebook for sale) (sells replicas of a variety of Babylon 5 costumes) (company chosen to make licensed replica Babylon 5 pistol, production has yet to begin)

BACK TO THE FUTURE (lots of information on the Delorean car which was the car modified for use in the Back to the Future movies, in German)

BATMAN AND GREEN HORNET (replica batman and greenhornet things for sale)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (replicas for sale of just about everything except ships) (replicates battlestar galactica, things for sale) (colonial viper ship replica kit for sale) (replica collector/information page) (manufacturer of licensed items)

BLADE RUNNER (blade runner gun replica for sale,aliens,star wars, MIB, and custom manufacturing services too) (blade runner gun replica for sale)

CLASH OF THE TITANS (robotic owl kit for sale)

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (manufacturer of licensed items)

FORBIDDEN PLANET (replica forbidden planet gun for sale)

GHOSTBUSTERS (how to build a Ghostbusters proton pack)

GREMLINS (Gremlins skull replica)

HELLRAISER (replica Hellraiser box for sale) (replica pinhead from hellraiser 3 on display as well as other original and replica things)

HIGHLANDER (highlander sword replica info and places to buy)

I DREAM OF JENNIE (manufacturer of licensed items)

INDEPENDENCE DAY (manufacturer of licensed items)

INDIANA JONES (places to buy Indiana Jones replica props and original prop creator contacts)

JAMES BOND and sells licensed James Bond replicas) (James Bond replica and original prop collector)

JUDGE DREDD Judge Dredd replica shields, weapons and more for sale

JURASSIC PARK (manufacturer of licensed items)

KRULL (replica Krull blade for sale)

LOST IN SPACE (manufacturer of licensed items) (replica Jupter Spacecraft for sale) (replica lifesize Lost in Space robot for sale) site of a group that replicates Lost in Space robots, lots of how to info and nice pictures of finished creations

THE MASK (resin replica of the mask for sale, nice toy site too) (manufacturer of licensed items)

MEN IN BLACK (manufacturer of licensed items)

MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 (Mystery Science Theater 3000 convention info, pictures and info about making a Servo robot like from the show coming soon)

PLANET OF THE APES (manufacturer of licensed items)

SINBAD (mask replica for sale)

SPACE 1999 (Space 1999 replica gun for sale.. Also replicates Star Trek and V things. Note the picture of the V laser rifle on his page is not a picture of the item he is selling for $500. (Space 1999 gun replicas and communication prop replicas)

SPLIT SECOND (Replica Harley Stone gun replica)

STAR TREK (DS9 phaser replica, latinum bar replicas, klingon battle blade replicas, and other) (Replicates a variety of items from Star Trek mainly phasers. Also replicates Space 1999 and V things. Note the picture of the V laser rifle on his page is not a picture of the item he is selling for $500. (custom costume company that can make Klingon armor, and a large variety of Star Trek Costumes,Star Trek Holsters, and other things) (Klingon skull replica for sale) (manufacturer of licensed items) (company chosen to make a variety of new licensed Star Trek replica items, production has yet to begin) (how to build a borg costume) site of an individual that has replicated various star trek costumes, excellent informational resource for star trek costume replicators (greatest source for info about replicas of Original Star Trek series items) (little page about Star Trek Phaser replica) (variety of replica Star Trek and Star Wars Items on display and other) (prop and set rental company, nice star trek bridge reproduction sets) replica Strek Trek Generations Scroll autographed by several of the crew for sale

STAR WARS (licensed maker of things, Star Wars helmets and masks mostly) (Star Wars replica costumes and accesories for sale,also Starship Trooper replicas for sale) (maker of stormtrooper costume replicas, free classified section) (info on star wars replicas and places to get them) (new site,variety of star wars replica props and costumes for sale) (seller of replica guns, replica Storm Trooper armor, replica light sabers, replica jedi training orb) (replica Stormtrooper armor and other for sale) (star wars replicas large variety of costumes and props, site is down a lot for updates though) (Star Wars replica prop parts for sale) (replica star wars accesories and costumes for sale, includes free classified section) (custom costumers that in the past made a good Leia boussh replica costume) (manufacturer of licensed Star Wars ships, and lightsabers) (manufacturer of licensed star wars masks,helmets and lifesize replica statues, it's a Donpost site) ( site showing people in action with replica storm trooper costumes great links too) (Star Wars props collector, items on display some available for trade) (replica collector/information page) (variety of replica Star Wars and Star Trek Items on display and other) (site has been down for some reason, may be down for good) (how to build your own Bobba Fett costume) (How to build your own Storm Trooper costume) (how to build a lightsaber and other star wars replica info) (information about building a Darth Vader Costume and lightsabers) (Remote control R2-D2 replica on display, lots of technical and background information). (incredible Millenium Falcon custom creation on display and other Star Wars info)

STARSHIP TROOPERS ( Star Ship trooper replica armor and guns for sale, also Star Wars replicas) (Starship Troopers replica patches for sale) (manufacturer of licensed Starship Trooper ship replicas)

Order The Making of Starship Troopers Book From

TERMINATOR (replica Terminator gun for sale) (Terminator skull replica for sale) Terminator replica endoskeleton skull for sale, lights up via battery power (manufacturer of licensed life size terminator replica, terminator arm replica, and terminator skull replica)

TIMECOP (pistol replica for sale)

V (my V replica information page) (sells V replica laser pistol, say they can make large shuttlecraft replica too) (in the past made many V replica costumes, can make V replica costumes for purchase. Ask) (sells replica mother ships, skyfighters, and supposedly can make laser rifle replicas)

XENA (manufacturer of liscensed Xena throwing weapon replica) (In past catalogs have promoted their custom work including a custom replica of Xena's throwing weapon. They probably could make more of this item.)

MISCELLANEOUS/NOT CATEGORIZED (makes electronic kit to alter one's voice electronically in real time to simulate stormtrooper type voices and others, as well as simulate a variety of other sound effects) (Selling replicas of items from Cobra, Mad Max, and Cuthroat Island and more) (info about Sci-Fi replicas includes section where things are listed for sale)

------------ (sells icon props)

------------ (sells icon stuff)



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