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Replica Prop and Costume Collectors

*See Screen used collector links for collectors with some replica items and mostly screen used items.


General Replica Prop Collector Sites site of a screen used collector that also has replicas from Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor who.. collector featuring props from Star Wars, Star Trek, in the Line of Fire and other productions. nice collection of replica items broken down into masks, props, and costume categories. Features things from Star Wars, Aliens, Nightmare on Elm Street and other productions. a collection featuring prop items from Star Wars, Star Trek, Logans Run, and other productions. features hand props from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Men in Black II features Star Trek Phasers, Star Wars Lightsabers and other things. features pages summarazing a variety of Doctor who collections many with replica props or screen used props.

Star Trek a very large replica Star Trek weapon collection available to view online. very large Star Trek Replica collection broken down by category for convenience. collection of primarily licensed trek props with pictures online taken by a very skilled photographer. features pictures of phasers PADD's and other Star Trek Replica items. features a picture of a replica MACO pistol from Enterprise as well as other Trek props including padds and other phasers. a page of pictures of replica Star Trek Bottle props. features pictures of Star Trek phaser toys and other Star Trek phasers replicas. a list of a Star Trek collector's props with no pictures.

Star Wars features pictures of replica Star Wars props and costumes from various collections on a single site. a female collector showcases a female stormtrooper costume, Slave Leia costume, Jango Fett, as well as costumes from Elektra and Starship Troopers. Star Wars collection featuring helmets, lightsabers, guns, and a Stormtrooper Costume. an archive of a collection that once included a lifesize Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and lightsaber props. pictures of a lightsaber collection. lightsaber collection pictures. lightsaber pictures on a single page.

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