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Science Fiction Guns and Weapons

*The items below are all screen used items and were used during filming of the various productions.

Star Trek the Next Generation Screen Used Prop Weapons

*Also see Back Up Props and Weapon Masters for more Star Trek Prop Weapons

Cricket Phaser

Dustbuster Phaser

Cobrahead Phaser
Season 4

Hollow Cast Cobrahead Phaser

Borg Phaser

Klingon Disruptor

Star Trek First Contact Screen Used Movie Prop Weapons

Rubber Stunt Phaser
Repainted for use in Deep Space Nine

First Contact Rubber Stunt Phaser

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Screen Used Prop Weapons

Phaser Rifle

Bajoran Phaser

Rubber Bajoran Phaser

Alien Gun

Cardassian Rubber Phaser

Enterprise and Classic Trek Cast Movies Screen Used Prop Weapons

Enterprise Nausican Plasma Pistol

Star Trek 3 Klingon Disruptor

Star Trek Part V Klingon Deathsting Disruptor

Terminator 2 Screen Used Prop Weapons

Full Size Endoskeleton Rifle

Miniature Endoskeleton Rifle

Terminator 2 Arnold Tear Gas Launcher

Battlestar Galactica Saga

Screen Used Cylon Laser Rifle from Battlestar Galactica

Galactica 1980 Screen Used Cylon Laser Pistol from the "Return of Starbuck" episode

New Battlestar Galactica Series

*Season 2 -4 Colonial Warrior Rubber Stunt Blaster Not featured

New Battlestar Mini Series Blaster

New Battlestar Season One Blaster

New Series
Cylon Mine

Robocop Auto-9 Screen Used in Robocop TV Series

The Last Starfighter Screen Used Pilot Gun
*With Holster and Spats which were worn over pilot pants by the film's star character Alex Rogan

Babylon 5 and Crusade Screen Used Props

Pilot Episode PPG

Rubber PPG

Resin PPG

Holster/Energy Cap

PPG Resin Rifle

Crusade Aluminum
PPG Energy Cap

V Screen Used Guns

*See this site's V Prop Collection Section for More Pictures and Information

"Daniel's" Gun

"Final Battle" Style Gun

Visitor Rifle with Light Up Scope

Cleopatra 2525 Screen Used Weapons

Betrayer Weapon

Marla Guard Gun

Mutant Gun (Have 2)

Cool Looking Gun

Metal Weapon

Big Black Gun

Big Gun

Cleo Working Baton Weapon

Brown Mutant Prop Pistol

Rifle Prop

Not featured Mutant Guard Gun Bazooka like, Futuristic Police Night stick, Working Wrist Weapon Piece.

Power Rangers Zeo and Time Force Screen Used Guns

Power Ranger Zeo Ranger Gun

Time Force Wild West Ranger Pistol

Time Force Silver Guardian Laser Pistol

Time Force Morpher Stunt Chrono Laser Pistol

Rifle (Have 2)

Power Rangers Galaxy Bulk Bar Guns

Gun 1

Gun 2

Gun 3

Gun 4

Space Above and Beyond Screen Used Guns

Resin Space Marine M-70 Pistol

Resin M590 Marine Rifle

Chig Rifle

Earth Final Conflict Weapons

Earth Final Conflict Prop Skrill

Earth Final Conflict Liam's Gun

Seaquest Screen Used Weapons

Seaquest Season 3 Gun

Seaquest Gun

Seaquest Prison Escape Gun

Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers Draconian Blaster

Buck Rogers Little Person Gun from SHGORATCHX Episode

More Science Fiction Screen Used Television Weapons and Weapon Accessories

Other World
Commander Kroll

Earth 2 Gun

Space 1999 Stun Gun

*This item has been sold


Andromeda Force Lance

Outer Limits Rifle

Stargate Weapon

Beetleborgs Sonic Laser

Farscape Pistol

Red Dwarf Gun

Tek War Big Gun

Cyberman Gun Strap

Battlefield Earth Screen Used Resin and Rubber Guns

Masters of the Universe Screen used Guns

*Visit this site's Masters of the Universe Prop Page for Larger Pictures and more Info

Ice Pirates Screen Used Guns

Ice Pirates Captain's Gun

Ice Pirates Princess Gun

Prop Pistol 3

Prop Pistol 4

Prop Pistol 5

Suburban Commando

Hero Hulk Hogan Gun

Freeze Gun

Baby Genuises

Working Ray Gun

Open Guts Gun

Prop Gun 1

Prop Gun 2

Night of the Creeps

Alien Rifle

Alien Big Gun

More Screen Used Scifi Movie Rifles

the Return

NightBreed Rifle

Flash Gordon


Moonwalker Music Video Gun

Starship Troopers Morita

Ultraviolet Shock Rifle


More Screen Used Scifi Movie

Judge Dredd Rubber Stunt Lawgiver

Tomb Raider
Rubber Stunt

Serenity Alliance
Rubber Pistol

Galaxy Quest Prop Nebulizer

Chronicles of Riddick Pistol

Waterworld Gun

Super Mario Brothers

The Hidden 2 Alien Gun

Assault on Dome 4 and Men In Black 2

The Demolitionist

Deadly Weapon

Live Action Computer Game, and Magazine Photo Shoot Weapons

Julie Stein Heavy Metal PhotoShoot Rifle

Wing Commander IV Computer Game Gun

Unknown/MIB 2

Universal Soldier TV Movies/Unknown?

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