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Screen Used Science Fiction Guns and Weapons

Cobrahead Phaser Used in Season 4 of the Next Generation


This solid cobrahead phaser was used in season 4 of the Next Generation and made of resin. Its painted a slightly different shade of siliver/gray than most other phasers in other seasons. Apparently various shades of silver/gray were used according to what paints were available when a given batch of cobraheads was made in part. Obtained from a reliable source that also had a rubber stunt assasin gun from Star trek for sale at the same time I bought this. This helped to verify this for me at the time. This was my first star trek prop weapon. Have bought others from the same person I got this from later on.

The cobrahead phaser is a real part of the Star Trek Saga. This style of weapon was used for Seasons 3 thru 7 of the Next Generation as well as used in Deep Space Nine and Voyager. This weapon is the most used and recognized weapon from modern Star Trek in my opinion. A real piece of history.


Molded resin with simulated energy meter bar Season 3

Molded resin working with energy meter that lights up Season 3

Molded resin no energy meter like used in season 4 for example

Molded resin with Reflective tape underneath on the back of the barrel like used in Season 7 for Example

Rubber Stunt

Hollowcast version that was very lightweight

*Unknown if rubber stunt versions molded into the holster as one piece were made

Known Replicas

*Many many replicas exist so reliability of source is paramount Kit

Experience Replica

Laser Pointer Licensed replica

Franklin Mint pewter replica

Playmates toy version

Numerous cast off screen used solid resin replicas exist

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